Laurie Sivonen, LCSW
Laughter Yoga Leader, BS in Ed, MBTI Qualified

Phone: (207)-221-6645           
Email: SivonenLCSW@iCloud.com

We all encounter detours and obstacles in
our life’s journey.

Experience the tools, skills, and compassionate
support to create the life you envision.

Find your way
home to yourself
and the life you deserve!

Are you finding that your life isn’t what you
hoped  for?

Are you feeling depleted, anxious, or stuck, and
are looking for a safe, nurturing environment with a highly skilled practitioner?

Are you struggling with parenting, realizing that nobody told you how unique every child is and requires specific parenting? And on top of that, the parenting they need may be very different than anything you experienced or envisioned?

Working for over a decade as a psychotherapist, I draw from a wide array of experiences, trainings, theories and current research.

I also have extensive experience working with children from preschool through high school, as a therapist as well as a public school teacher. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed working with those in regular education, special education, and youth-at-risk in alternative education.

My clients describe me as easy to talk to, authentic, having valuable insight and an engaging sense of humor.

I bring a deep level of compassion, commitment and skills to serve you along your journey.

Call Laurie at (207) 221-6644

Email: SivonenLCSW@iCloud.com

I am currently providing therapy exclusively by telehealth.

Fax: 207-510-8021