Welcome to the LEAFER Lab!

The LEAFER Lab is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice related to fairness (justice), leadership, emotions, and aggression in the workplace.  

We hope you'll explore our website to find out more about the research that is happening in the lab, get to know our lab members, and learn about how you can become involved.

 We look forward to sharing our research with you!  


A Message from Our Director:

Thank you visiting the LEAFER Lab! I am thrilled that we have amassed such a strong group of researchers who are focused on issues related to workplace fairness, leadership, emotions, and aggression.

Our researchers are not only devoted to making meaningful and significant theoretical contributions to these fields, but we are also hard at work ensuring that our research is translated into practice by providing solid research-based evidence on how to promote fairness within organizations and connecting with organizations in order to facilitate this goal.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring our website. Don't hesitate to be in contact if you are interested in learning more about this research, joining or volunteering with the lab, or working with us to implement practices that can help your workplace benefit from the positive consequences of fairness.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Dr. Laurie Barclay



To conduct theoretically and practically significant research related to fairness, leadership, emotions, and aggression in organizations.
We Accomplish This By:
  • Creating a supportive and collaborative environment to explore these issues.
  • Conducting cutting edge research using the latest theoretical and empirical advances.
  • Collaborating with researchers and practitioners to delve deeper into these issues and ensure that our research is meaningful and relevant.
  • Sharing our research with academics and practitioners to enhance fairness in the workplace.
  • Training future researchers and developing "highly qualified personnel" who can continue to advance research in this area.
  • Focusing on our ultimate goal of enhancing fairness in the workplace.