Hi there!

I'm a CNRS Researcher at the Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception in Paris. I will start a new ANR funded project on the development of speech perception in noise. I am hiring a post-doc to work on this new project starting in April 2018! Please look at the details here (DESIN).

My main research interest concerns the relationship between audition and speech perception during development. I'm using a psychoacoustical approach describing the acoustic components of the speech signal to understand how babies, children and adults perceive speech sounds and acquire a language.
I use both behavioral and brain imaging techniques (EEG and fNIRS) to explore the effect of age, native language and hearing loss on the processing of speech acoustic cues.

I got my PhD in 2013 in Paris under the supervision of Josiane Bertoncini and Christian Lorenzi. During my PhD I started to explore how infants process the different acoustic information (spectral and temporal cues) of speech sounds when perceiving phonetic contrasts. I also explored whether the environmental language influences this processing by comparing French and Mandarin listeners' abilities to use these acoustic components.

In 2014, I collaborated with Lynne Werner (Seattle, US) to compare 3-month-old infants' and adults' abilities to perceive the temporal cues of speech. Then in 2015 I worked with Judit Gervain in Paris and I measured how the brain of newborns activates for these temporal cues. From November 2015 to November 2017, I worked in London (UCL) in the Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences department under the Marie SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE Individual Fellowship (Programme H2020-MSCA-IF-2014; proposal 659204, see here for details about the project: SHAPED). In London, I worked with Stuart Rosen, Paul Iverson and Lorna Halliday.

laurianne.cabrera AT gmail.com