BIOL 161 Human Genetics                                     

Seattle Central College   spring 2017  

Lauren Yasuda, Ph.D.                                


Powerpoint slides:

Ch.1 Overview of Genetics

Ch.2 Cell cycle & Stem cells

Ch.3 Meiosis, etc.

Ch.4 Mendelian Inheritance 

Ch.5 Beyond Mendel 

Ch.6 Matters of Sex 

Ch.7-8 Multifactorial Traits & Behavioral Genetics 

Ch.9 DNA Structure & Replication 

Ch.10 Gene Action: from DNA to protein 

Ch.11 Gene Expression & Epigenetics 

Ch.12 Gene Mutations 

Ch.13 Chromosomes 

Ch.14-15  Population Genetics 

Ch.16 Genetic Ancestry 

Ch.18 Cancer Genetics 

Ch.19 Genetic Technologies 

Ch.20 Genetic Testing & Treatment 

Ch.22 Genomics 

DNA Science blog (by our textbk author Ricki Lewis for Public Library of Science)

The DNA Exchange (genetic counselors' blog)

Dr. Ting Wu's talk at UW Genome Sciences: