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I appear on this picture with one of my cats, Chilly, who passed away on Saturday, may 17th 2014, probably of FIV. The cat began to feel sick around 9AM, he arrived at the vet at 10 AM. He quickly grew weaker, with decreasing body temperature,  thickening kidneys and pleural effusion (piotorace) until 2PM when he died. He was 9 years old, every moment with him was a source of joy.

This (minimalist) website is mainly dedicated to my professional activity as a researcher in applied mathematics. Based on several achievements, I had the opportunity to communicate and deliver some interviews:
  1. Some news about my book.
  2. A long interview to Maddmaths! (in italian)
  3. A synthetic interview to ScienceWatch for myself entering in the Top 1% of most cited mathematicians
  4. A first (and short) intervention called "fast moving front"
I gave up updating my blog a long time ago; however one may still find interesting stuff there (in french).

I did my best to help a youngster in one of his projects about harmonic modeling of time series (in french).
You may also be interested in my Amazon.com author's page.