I am Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics from the University of Rennes 1, in France. I am also a Senior Research Fellow with CREM (Center for Research in Economics and Management), a CNRS research team in economics and business. My research interests are wide, with a particular focus about behavioral economics applied to transport and urban economics in the recent years. More generally, I have interests in information economics and individual and group decision making, and also about public policy economic evaluation.
In 2004, I created an experimental economics lab, the LABEX-EM, that I currently manage with David Masclet. During 2012 and 2013, I was Visiting Professor at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney Business School and at the Research Centre for Integrated Transport InnovationSchool of Civil and Environmental Engineering,University of New South Wales.
I had also a blog about economics, especially about behavioral economics, expeconomics, where you can find some reflexions or ideas about economic behavior in the current life, but it is no longer feeded (this blog is written in french).
If you want to join me, here you will find my mail.

Research activities

My research fields are basically behavioral economics with applications to transport economics, urban economics, industrial economics and public economics. One key question of my behavioral research is about information impact concerning decision making processes for individuals or groups.  As a method, I use very often experimental economics as you will see in my recent papers. More recently, I had been investigating user equilibrium in traffic games with laboratory economic experiments. In the latest period, I investigated the relationship between location choices within a City and transport private and external costs for firms and households (LOCEX program, supported by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, Ecology and Energy). Here you can find a short cv.

Some publications (since 2006):
  • Denant-Boemont, L. Gaigné C. and Gaté R. (2018). Urban spatial structure, transport-related emissions and welfare, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, accepted, available online at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0095069616304260
  • Wijayaratna, K., Dixit, V., Denant-Boemont, L. and Waller, T. (2017). An experimental study of the Online Information Paradox: Does en-route information improve road network performance? PLOS one, 12(9), http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0184191
  • Denant-Boemont L., Diecidue E. and O. L'Haridon (2017). Patience and Time Consistency  in Collective Decisions, Experimental Economics, 20(1), 181-208 .
  • Denant-Boemont, L. et E. Kemel (2015). Les apports de l'économie expérimentale à l'évaluation des politiques de sécurité routière, In Blanchard G. et Carnis L., Evaluation des politiques de sécurité routière, L'Harmattan, Paris.
  • Bonein A. and L. Denant-Boemont (2015). Self-Control, Commitment and Peer Pressure: A Laboratory Experiment, Experimental Economics 18(4), 543-568 .
  • Dixit V. and Denant-Boemont L. (2014). Is equilibrium in transport pure Nash, mixed or Stochastic? Transportation Research Part C, 48, 301-310.
  • Denant-Boemont L. and L'Haridon O. (2013). La rationalité à l'épreuve de l'économie comportementale (in French),  Revue Française d'Economie, XVIII, 35-89.
  • Denant-Boemont L. and S. Hammiche (2013). L'économie expérimentale et la ville, in Ville et Mobilité, Economica.
  • Bougherara D., Denant-Boemont, L., and Masclet D. (2011), "Creating vs Maintaining Threshold Public Goods in Conservation Policies", Ecological Economics, 70(6), 1200-1210.
  • Denant-Boèmont L, Masclet D., Noussair C. A. (2011), “Announcement, Observation, and Honesty in the Voluntary Contributions Game”, Pacific Economic Review, 16(2), 207-228.
  • Denant-Boemont L. & Hammiche, S. (2010), "Flexibility of Individual Decision in a Real-Option Setting: An Experimental Study of Transport Choice", to be published, Journal of Intelligent Transport Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations , 14 (3), 140-153.
  • Masclet D, Colombier N., Denant-Boèmont L., & Loheac Y. (2009), “Group and Individual Risk Preferences: A Lottery-Choice Experiment with Self-Employed and Salaried Workers”, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 70, 470-489.
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  • Bougherara D., Denant-Boèmont L. et Masclet D. (2008), « ‘Eviter le mal ou… faire le bien’ : gestion des biens environnementaux et politiques de développement durable - Une étude expérimentale », 59 (3), mai, 685-692, Revue Economique.
  • Ziegelmeyer A., Koessler F., Boun My K. and Denant-Boèmont L. (2008), “Reducing Road Traffic Congestion through Public Information: An experimental investigation”, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. Volume 42, Part 1, January 2008, pp. 43–82.
  • Denant-Boemont L., P. Malgrange, D. Masclet et C. Montmarquette (2008), « Présentation générale », introduction du numéro spécial « économie expérimentale, outil d’aide à la décision », 182 (1), 1-7, Economie et Prévision.
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  • Denant-Boèmont L. Masclet D, Noussair C. (2007), “Punishment, Counterpunishment and Sanction Enforcement in a Social Dilemma Experiment”, Symposium on Behavioral Game Theory, Economic Theory, 33 (1), October, 154-67.
  • Colombier N., Denant-Boèmont L., Lohéac Y. and Masclet D. (2007), « Risk Aversion Incentives and Order Effects: A New Experiment with Self-Employed Workers”, Applied Economics Letters, September 2007.
  • Gabuthy Y., Neveu M. and Denant-Boèmont L. (2006), “The coordination problem in a Structural Model of Peak Period Congestion: An experimental study”, June, Review of Network Economics, 5 (2), 273-299.

Working papers:

  • Denant-Boemont, L., Faulin, J., Hammiche, S. and A. Serrano (2017). Hypothetical Bias in Measuring Willingness-To-Pay for Road Freight Noise Reduction in the Pyrenees, submitted.
  • Bliemer, M., Denant-Boemont, L., Hammiche S., Hensher D. and C. Mulley (2013). Transport Costs and the Structure of the City: A Laboratory Experiment, working paper, downloadable there.
  • Denant-Boemont L. and Fortat V. (2013). Snowball effect and traffic equilibrium in a market entry game: A laboratory experiment. Working paper.
  • Denant-Boemont L. and Hammiche S. (2013). Downs-Thomson Paradox in the Laboratory, working paper.

Research projects currently in progress:

  • Water consumption and  complex pricing: A laboratory experiment (with Marie-Estelle Binet and Sabrina Hammiche).
  • Compact City Policies, Housing Prices and Environmental Costs from Commuting: A Laboratory Experiment (With Carl Gaigné).
  • A laboratory experiment of Network Equilibrium (with Vinayak Dixit).
  • Why Central Paris is Rich and Downtown Detroit is Poor? A Laboratory Experiment (With Henri Busson).
  • Pareto Optimum and Behavior in the Voluntary Contribution Mechanism: A laboratory experiment (With Michael Pickhardt).
  • Time and Teams: An Experimental Study about Group Inter-temporal Choice (with Youenn Loheac)

Teaching activities

My main teachings relate to applied microeconomics (in particular transport economics), public economics and behavioral economics (experimental economics especially). In some of these courses, classroom games are used to illustrate theoretical analysis and to have some statistical data. Presently, my courses in the Department of Economics are the following:
  • Experimental Measures of Willingness-to-Pay / Willingness-to-Accept
  • Economic Geography and Urban Economics: An introduction,
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis,
  • Transport Economics,
  • Experimental Economics,
  • Transport Environmental Costs.
The Faculty of Economics will open at the next term in September, 2018, a brand new specialty of the Master GPLA (Production Management, Logistics and Purchasing), that I will manage. The name of this specialty is Sustainable Mobility Management, and you can find some useful information there (in french, sorry!):

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