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      Researcher in surface science and catalysis

        Contact: laurent.piccolo(a)ircelyon.univ-lyon1.fr - IRCELYON, 2 Av. Einstein, 69626 Villeurbanne, France 

        Twitter @LaurentCP

Latest publications:

Structural effects of the chemical environment in metal nanocatalysis and single-atom catalysis
L. Piccolo
Catal. Today (invited review: 60th anniversary of IRC/IRCELYON), in press

Operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigation of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over ultradispersed Pt/TiO2 catalysts
L. Piccolo,* P. Afanasiev, F. Morfin, T. Len, C. Dessal, J.L. Rousset, M. Aouine, F. Bourgain, A. Aguilar-Tapia, O. Proux, Y. Chen, L. Soler, J. Llorca
ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 12696

atalytic activation of a non-noble intermetallic surface through nanostructuration under hydrogenation 
conditions revealed by atomistic thermodynamics
E. Gaudry,* C. Chatelier, D. Loffreda, D. Kandaskalov, A. Coati, L. Piccolo
J. Mater. Chem. A 2020, 8, 7422 

From surface structure to catalytic properties of Al5Co2(2-10): a thorough study combining experimental and theoretical approaches
C. Chatelier, Y. Garreau, L. Piccolo, A. Vlad, A. Resta, J. Ledieu, V. Fournée, M.C. de Weerd, F.E. Picca, M. de Boissieu, R. Felici, A. Coati,* E. Gaudry*
J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 4552

Tuning adsorption energies and reaction pathways by alloying: PdZn versus Pd for CO2 reduction to methanol

F. Brix, V. Desbuis, L. Piccolo, E. Gaudry*


Supported molybdenum carbide and nitride catalysts for carbon dioxide hydrogenation
M. Abou Hamdan, A. Nassereddine, R. Checa, M. Jahjah, C. Pinel, L. Piccolo,* N. Perret*

Transition metal sulfides on zeolite catalysts for Selective Ring Opening
N. Catherin, E. Blanco, D. Laurenti, L. Piccolo, F. Simonet, C. Lorentz, E. Leclerc, V. Calemma, C. Geantet*
Catal. Today, in press


Reactivity and catalysis by nanoalloys                                                                                                  
F. Negreiros, L. Sementa, G. Barcaro, I. Fechete, L. Piccolo,* A. Fortunelli*