Refereed Journal Articles

Working Papers

    • Schmitz, Lauren L. and David Weir. Genetic and environmental influences on schooling and lifetime earnings.
    • Schmitz, Lauren L. and D. Conley. The impact of late-career job loss and genotype on body mass index. NBER Working Paper#22348
        • Coverage: Money, WDIV-Detroit, and Public
    • Duque, Valentina and Lauren L. Schmitz. The influence of early-life economic shocks on long-term outcomes: Evidence from the U.S. Great Depression.
    • Ware, Erin B., Lauren L. Schmitz, Jessica Faul, Jennifer A. Smith, Colter Mitchell, Wei Zhao, David Weir, and Sharon L.R. Kardia. Heterogeneity in polygenic scores for common human traits. BiorXiv 2017:

Work in Progress

    • "Social determinants of DNA methylation age signatures " (with Morgan Levine, Wei Zhao, Scott Ratliff, Yongmei Liu, and Jennifer Smith)
    • "Effects of cigarette taxation on smoking-related DNA methylation patterns" (with Patrick Turley, David Cesarini, and Dan Benjamin)
    • "Racial inequalities in poor birth outcomes: Clarifying the role of precarious work" (with Angela Bruns, Iris Gomez-Lopez, and Maggie Hicken)
    • "Does genetic selection help explain differences in health across occupations?" (with Amal Harrati)
    • "The impact of polygenic risk and cigarette taxation across the life course on smoking behavior" (with Lauren Gaydosh, Qiongshi Lu, James Li, Sean P. David, and Jason Fletcher)

Policy Publications

Book Chapters and Reviews

    • Schmitz, Lauren L. (2018). Review of Closing the Deficit: How Much Will Later Retirement Help? Edited by Gary Burtless and Henry J. Aaron. Eastern Economic Journal, 44(2): 332-334. 10.1057/eej.2014.55
    • Schmitz, Lauren L. (2013). Do cultural tax districts buttress revenue growth for arts organizations? In M. Rushton, ed., Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development. Washington: Brookings Institution Press, pp. 80-96.
    • Milberg, William and Lauren L. Schmitz. (2011). The business of macro imbalances: Gluts in savings, money and profits. In P. Arestis, ed., Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Economic Policy: Essays in Honour of Malcolm Sawyer. London: Palgrave, pp. 72-95.