Refereed Journal Articles


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Working PAPERS

Work in Progress

  • Schmitz, L.L., J. Goodwin, D. Conley, T. Johnson. Response of locus of control and perceived control to a consequential chance event: Revisiting the draft lottery’s effects on two key constructs.

  • Beauchamp, J. Lee, J., McGue, M., and L.L. Schmitz. Do genes and family environment interact? Evidence from Korean Adoptees.

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  • Bruns, A., L.L. Schmitz, and M.T. Hicken. Racial inequalities in poor birth outcomes: Clarifying the role of precarious work.

Policy Publications

Book Chapters and Reviews

    • Schmitz, Lauren L. (2018). Review of Closing the Deficit: How Much Will Later Retirement Help? Edited by Gary Burtless and Henry J. Aaron. Eastern Economic Journal, 44(2): 332-334. 10.1057/eej.2014.55

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