Lauren AGNELLI Discography


6/78  NERVUS REX “Don’t Look” b/w “Love Affair” (Cleverly Named Record Co.)


6/80  NERVUS REX  Nervus Rex  (Dreamland/RSO)


3/87  WASHINGTON SQUARES Washington Squares (Gold Castle)

6/87  WASHINGTON SQUARES “Can’t Stop the Rain” (Gold Castle)

8/87  VARIOUS New Generation (Gold Castle)

10/87 WASHINGTON SQUARES “New Generation” (video)


3/89  WASHINGTON SQUARES Fair and Square (Gold Castle)

4/89  WASHINGTON SQUARES “Everybody Knows” (video)

8/89  WASHINGTON SQUARES “Fourth Day of July” (video)


6/90  LACH  Contender (Gold Castle)

12/90 DAVE RAVE GROUP Valentino’s Pirates (Mole Records)


1/91  (VARIOUS)  1990 Volume 5  (Melodiya)

5/91  (VARIOUS)  22 Original Hits, 22 Original Stars  (Morris Tunes)

7/91  (VARIOUS)  U.S. Rock and Roll Anthology, Volume 1 (Mentor)

9/91  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY “When Patti Rocked” (video)


2/92  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY  Valentino’s Pirates  (Melodiya)

2/92  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY  a one act play with V-8 engines (DRC)

5/92  (VARIOUS)  More Hits, More Stars  (Morris Tunes)

9/92  (VARIOUS)  Reaction, Volume 1  (Reaction)

10/92 DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY  “Unnerved”  (video)

12/92 ROOKS  “Christmas (Xmas)” / “Steeplechase”  (Guardian)


4/93  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY “Weight of the World” (video)

5/93  ALEX CHILTON  Bach’s Bottom  (Razor & Tie)

10/93 (VARIOUS)  Rock My Child  (Whitehall)

10/93 (VARIOUS)  Back to the Streets: Celebrating . . . Don Covay  (Shanachie)


3/94  LITTLE JACK MELODY World of Fireworks (song: “J’ai Faim, Toujours”)

5/94  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY Three Octave Fantastic Hexagram (Gritty City)

5/94  DAVE RAVE CONSPIRACY  “Yeah She Knows”  (Men Lie soundtrack)

6/94  (VARIOUS) Impact Music, Volume 2 (Impact)

8/94  (VARIOUS)  Rock My Child, Volume 2  (Whitehall)

12/94 aGNELLI & rAVE Cowboy Flowers Sessions--blue vinyl 45 “Pray for Rain,”

      “I Work Nights,” “Gulls Cry”  (Poteet Music Inc.)

12/94 BRAVE COMBO featuring LAUREN AGNELLI Allumettes (P-Vine/Blues

      Interactions, Japan)


3/95  (VARIOUS)  Hamilton Music Scene  (Goldshower Records)

6/95  aGNELLI & rAVE  live! @ sidewalk FORT, nyc  (a&R)

10/95 aGNELLI & rAVE  cowboy flowers sessions  (Mystery Tone/Outside Music)


3/96  (VARIOUS)  Hamilton Music Scene, Vol. 2  (Goldshower Records)

3/96 aGNELLI & rAVE  live! @ the ultrasound, Toronto  (Mystery Tone)

4/96  SHANE FAUBERT Squirrelboy Blue  (Music Maniac)

6/96  aGNELLI & rAVE  live! @ sidewalk FORT, Vol. 3 (Mystery Tone)

10/96 (VARIOUS) Graham Parker tribute Piss and Vinegar (Buy of Die Records)

10/96 BRAVE COMBO featuring LAUREN AGNELLI Kiss of Fire  (Watermelon)


3/97  WASHINGTON SQUARES From Greenwich Village. . . (Razor & Tie - US comp.)

9/97  STEVE WYNN Sweetness and Light  (Zero Hour)

9/97  Lauren AGNELLI & Dave RAVE  Confetti! (Mystery Tone/Outside Music/Not Lame)


3/98  (VARIOUS)  What’s That I Hear?  The Songs of Phil Ochs  (Sliced Bread)

8/98  (VARIOUS)  Somewhere Down the Road  (Lazy Cat)

11/98 (VARIOUS)  It’s Only a DREAM  (Medulla Productions)


5/99  (VARIOUS)  Somewhere Down the Road, Vol. 2  (Lazy Cat)

7/99  Lauren AGNELLI & Dave RAVE  Heaven and Earth  (Mystery Tone/RNR/Outside)


4/01  RALPH This is for the Night People (Bongobeat)

7/01  (VARIOUS) Rockin’ Patriots  (Rhino/WB)


4/02  (VARIOUS)  Driving in the Rain 3 AM songs to get lost with (Bongobeat)


9/05  LAUREN AGNELLI  Love Always Follows Me (Bongobeat)


7/08  (VARIOUS)  Food For Thought (Shoreline Soup Kitchen CD vol. 2)


5/10  LAUREN AGNELLI  Journey With No End  (promo – Mystery Tone)