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Welcome to my official site.  To tempt you, I'll include a few solo performance videos & shots here that I really dig and that will start to tell my story in pictures and music.  Then, on my bio page, I'll do some chronological videos along with the text.  

In my life, I've been blessed 'cause the words and the music come and flow. . . that's how's it's been, and how it goes. Will I choose between the two? That remains to be seen. . . keep tuning in.

AS FOR ME, I've had a far-reaching, long-ranging career in music and writing with 50+ recordings and hundreds of performances, from Carnegie Hall to the pub at Essex Meadows (entertaining the toughest crowd of all, the 70+ers).  Enter & welcome. . .

"Thursday's Child" with violinist Dana Takaki
at a solo Lauren Agnelli show in May 2011
at Spirit of Broadway Cafe, Norwich, CT 

"I Will Love Again" at a solo Lauren Agnelli 
show at the Chester Meeting House 
in April 2011

YouTube Video

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Above is a video from a performance at the Katharine Hepburn 
Cultural Arts Center with the Small Town Concert Series, 
our 4th Annual Tribute to Leonard Cohen.  I perform 
"I Can't Forget," from my favorite LC album, I'm Your Man.  
The violinist featured is the soulful Dana Takaki, my friend.

To the left I'm in a video playing in NYC at Kenny's Castaways
in December 2009 with Dana Takaki again.  

Ukulele Lauren - stylin'                                  This is my kitty self, Nicholas "Mister Kitten"                                                 


Here's "Breakfast at Bellevue," played in NYC at Kenny's Castaways
in December 2009 with Violinist Dana Takaki.  My brother, Tom, 
comments at the end, "Crazy about that song" -- a joker to the end.