Miss Adam's Class Website

Welcome to the class website!
 On this website, you will find many things. I will post information about the units we are doing, important dates for projects and test, and information about our projects

Here's the basic idea of how this website works:
If you want a general overview about what we're learning, go to "Current Unit".
If you want to know when this unit's projects are due or when the quizzes and tests are, go to "Important Dates".
If you lost an instruction sheet for a project, go to "Project Based Learning" and click the arrow. Then, click on the project name.
If you can't remember how to use a website for your project, follow the above instructions to get to the project page.
If you don't get something we are learning in class and need help, ask me or go to the "I Need Help.." page under Current Unit.

If you still have questions, email me or ask me in class. 

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