Apprentices & Students
in Trimaris 

Welcome to the Apprentices and Students of Trimaris web site !

This page is designed to provide an insight into

the world of the the apprentices and students

of the Order of the Laurel in the

Kingdom of Trimaris.

Meet the apprentices and students of the  Laurels of the Kingdom of Trimaris and learn more about their specialties and interests and how to get in touch with them.  In the Kingdom of Trimaris, most Peers continue the tradition of wearing a green apprentice belt.

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Resources for Apprentices 

Greenbelt Central - the mailinglist for apprentices by apprentices. It's like Las Vegas : fun, colorful, lively and what happens here, stays here !

Our Kingdom's own mailinglist for apprentices in Trimaris

 "How I came to be an Apprentice"

An article about her journey to taking a belt from a Laurel by HL Signy Ottarsdottir