Upcoming Events: Adult & Community Education

Algebra Redux 
What is Algebra anyway? You've seen it before...a bunch of letter and numbers, graphs, equations. Maybe you were even 
good at it, or maybe not! Either way, it seems there's more math around us than ever, with STEM impacting career demands and challenging our youth for the future holds. Maybe you're going back to school, you want to help your eighth-grader 
(or 5th-grader!) with their math homework, or you just want to know what all this Algebra stuff is for anyway! Understand. 
Come find out "What's the point of Algebra?" in a fun (yes, FUN!) and relaxed atmosphere. 
WHERE: Concord-Carlisle Adult & Community Education, Concord-Carlisle High School, L-building: front, left corner
WHEN: Tuesdays, September 23-October 7th
Call Community Ed Direct Line to register:
978 318-1432
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Hi and welcome to my website! 
I provide a number of educational services from math tutoring to teacher training and editorial. You can look through the tabs for more info. For specifics about any of these services or my background and qualifications check out Linked In. And if you would like to request a resume or services or just have a question, please feel free to contact me.

Audra Marie Guimond (formerly Floyd)
Laurel Learning
774 262-9908

Mission Statement:
I enjoy the creative aspects of the writing process and gain great satisfaction from helping students achieve their goals and empowering teachers with tools and strategies to make this possible for their students. As a teacher and tutor, I’m always working to promote confidence and success in my students. As a writer and editor, I do this with the creation of math educational products that innovate: online, print, or video, to help support student learning in multiple mediums and teacher support in collaborative, integrative settings.