The Melbourne Night Owls

This is the home-page of the Melbourne (Australia) Night Owls Tent of the Sons of the Desert. The Sons of the Desert is an international organisation formed in appreciation of the comedic talents of Laurel and Hardy. The various 'tents' of the Sons of the Desert take their names from Laurel and Hardy movies. Sons of the Desert is a Laurel and Hardy feature film.

This home-page is maintained in Melbourne, the birthplace of one of Oliver Hardy's screen wives - Mae Busch. Our magazine, The Busch Telegraph, is named after the formidable Mae. Melbourne was also the birthplace of another Mae - Mae Dahlberg, who is credited with giving Stan the surname of Laurel. Click here to read more of Mae Dahlberg's Australian years.

On the right is Mae Busch being typically affectionate with her darling Oliver:

And, Daphne Pollard, another of Oliver's screen wives, was also born in Melbourne. Here is the diminutive Daphne taking charge of the situation: 

Some discoveries about Mae Busch

In 1993 our ex-Grand Sheik, Steve Rattle, discovered that the birth date usually ascribed to Mae Bush (20th January, 1897) was wrong. After searching the birth records he found that Annie May (not Mae) was born on the 18th June, 1891. Her birth certificate also shows she was born at 57 Page Street, Albert Park (a Melbourne inner suburb). He further discovered that Number 57 was changed to 56 in 1900. 56 Page Street still stands and, because of the efforts of some our members, it now has a bronze plaque on it honouring Mae's birth there. We ascertained that the Busch family were tenants of 57 Page Street from early 1891 to early 1900. The dwelling was built in late 1890.  This information supports Mae leaving Australia at age eight in 1899/1900 and not 1905. The picture right is the terrace cottage in which Mae was born. The cottage below is the one in which Daphne was born (56 Kerr Street, Fitzroy - a Melbourne inner suburb).

You are welcome to step inside our tent

The meetings of the Melbourne Night Owls are a fun night or afternoon of viewing DVDs and video-tapes. Virtually all of these are of Laurel and Hardy, and one full-length Laurel and Hardy feature film is always shown. Occasionally, other comedy movies of the Laurel and Hardy period are also shown.

We welcome members from all over the world. Membership entitles you to attend our meetings and to receive the ' Busch Telegraph'. This is a small, well-edited journal that publishes Sons of the Desert news, news of our tent and information about 'the boys' and people associated with them. Some of this information is difficult to find anywhere else. For membership and other enquiries, you can contact us at: . 

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