Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation
Credit Requirements  
High school credits are earned when students pass classes.  Each semester a student can earn .5 credit per class.  Each semester students have eight periods.  Therefore, in one school year, students have the potential to earn 8 credits.  If a student fails a class, no credit is earned.
High school counselors are available to assist students with details regarding graduation requirements.  

Please note:  University admission requirements are not the same as high school graduation requirements.  Each university sets their own admission policy.   Therefore we encourage you to check with the institution you wish to attend for admission requirements.


Class of 2019


4 Credits

Mathematics   (Algebra 1 and above)

3 Credits


3 Credits

Social Studies

3 Credits



1 Credit
1 Credit

World Language (2 years - one language)

2 Credits

Fine Arts / Career or Technical

1 Credit

Electives   (can come from any category)

6 Credits


Total Credits Required


24 Credits