a few words by Laura Grace Weldon  

Flagrantly optimistic, relentlessly curious & too often, silly. 


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             Listening to Bees

             To Do

           Public Love



            Talking During Recess

            Flying Together

            Moving to the Hinterland

            Piper, Pipe That Song Again

            No Pain, No Gain?




            No Parrots Here

           Armed Only with a Clipboard

           Sprouting Plant Advocates  


            A Cow's Life

            Queen's Gift 

            Adventures with Isabelle

             Sold to the Highest Bidder

             The Case of the Disappearing Honeybees



               Holistic Living

              Beliefs Create the Marketplace

             Improve School Lunches with Locally Grown Food

          Word of the Year Describes Eco-Friendly Eaters

             The Truth About Honeybees Provide Clues to Their Disappearance

             Give Gifts of Service

               Spirituality & Religion


              Mixed Messages

             Biking to Salvation

             Worshipping series (35 articles)


             Six Ways to Save on Healthy Meals

             More on Mad Cow Disease

             Can Technology Improve Your Memory?

             Planning to Lose Weight This Year? Supplement With Honey


         Brilliant Trousers


             Golden Years, Golden Opportunities