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Laura Wilson resides in Bon Air, Virginia, and began painting just a few years ago. Her inspired paintings are mainly steeped in her love of water and beaches . The heart and soul of her work is embodied in her depiction of subjects in nature and the simple pleasures found there. Laura’s skilled artistry draws the viewer into her painting and entices them to stay a while with the allure of a sandy beach, a quiet wetland or a lively summer’s day. A completely self-taught artist, Laura’s work is continually evolving. Her clean, refreshing style is perfectly suited to acrylic paint, her preferred medium. Her use of color and style are truly her own.  She celebrates the memories, the vacations, the beauty of the natural world, and a chance to escape the sometimes harsh reality life can bring. Children playing at the water's edge, the serene beauty of a shaded place to contemplate, the fragrance of a flower...all combine to reflect what she feels are the truly important aspects of life. 


Original Acrylic Paintings
by Laura Wilson

"From Realism..."



"To Testing the Abstract Waters"

I am a self taught acrylics artist who only recently discovered the shear joy of painting. I am here to tell you that it is never too late to live your dreams. 

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Laura Wilson