Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about teaching and derive a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from my work with developing instrumentalists.  Music making has been a formative aspect of my life and it is an honor to be a part of this life-long learning process for my students.  My job as a teacher is to equip students with the tools needed to become unique contributing musical members of their own communities.  I design my teaching studio with clear and specific expectations for my students.  I provide students with consistent feedback and assessments that help measure their progress and identify the next steps necessary in their musical development. By being aware and supportive of my students’ other musical and academic endeavors, I can nurture the development of well-rounded human beings who use music as one of their many tools to contribute to their community.  I am a passionate, nurturing and engaging teacher with a commitment that my students attain the skills necessary to work effectively and make meaningful contributions in the professional field.  

American Viola Society Festival Master Class