Private Teaching

Violin and Viola Lessons
  • All students receive weekly lessons and a minimum of three performance opportunities each school year
  • Students participate in group class once a month.  These classes help develop a peer group for similarly aged students; this socialization helps motivate students and provides them with a since of belonging to a musical community
  • Lesson time is determined based on child’s age and attention span
  • Parents are expected to attend all lessons with the child
Online Lessons
  • I have over two years experience teaching online lessons using FaceTime and Skype for both beginner and advanced students.  It works far better than I ever expected!  Online lessons allows for me to work with students all over the country on a regular basis.  Please contact me for more information - online lessons are absolutely a wonderful opportunity, thanks to the technological advances of the last decade!
Viola for Violinists
  • Viola is a wonderful instrument for all violinists to learn to play!  Broaden your student’s options as a chamber musician and summer camp opportunities by learning to play both violin and viola!
Chamber Music Coaching
  • Lessons and assistance to help Denver-area musicians find other local musicians with whom they can collaborate on a regular basis
  • Chamber Music is a great activity for teenage instrumentalists to develop skills such as accountability, responsibility, independent thinking, communication skills, and group effectiveness
Extra Help Sessions
  • Designed as a supportive supplement to the child’s pre-existing music education.  These sessions are an added supplement and do NOT replace the child’s weekly lessons with their own teacher
  • Great for students preparing for orchestra auditions, school auditions, and other special events
  • A wonderful step to help pre-adolescent students learn to practice effectively without a parent’s assistance
  • Specific guidance and focus on a student’s alertness, problem-solving and listening skills
  • Help’s to alleviate parent-child stress during practice sessions
  • Available on a one-time basis, short and long term based on scheduling availability