Chamber Repertoire


Amy                            String Quartet No 3

Bartok                         String Quartet, No. 1

Bartok                         String Quartet No 3

Bartok                         String Quartet No. 4

Beethoven                  String Quartet, 0p. 18 no 1 

Beethoven                  String Quartet Op 18 no 2

Beethoven                  String. Quartet Op 18 no 3

Beethoven                  String. Quartet Op 59 No 2

Beethoven                  String Quartet Op 59 no 3

Beethoven                  String. Quartet Op.91

Beethoven                  String Quartet Op 131

Beethoven                  String. Quartet Op. 135

Beethoven                  String Trio Op 9 no 1

Brahms                       String. Quartet Op. 51 no 1

Brahms                       Two Songs for Contralto and Piano with Viola Op 91

Brahms                       Viola Quintet in G Major Op 111

Brahms                       Viola Quintet in F Major Op 88

Brahms                       String Sextet No 2 in G Major Op 36

Brahms                       Clarinet Trio in A minor, Op 114

Brahms                       Piano Quartet, C minor Op 60

Brahms                       Horn Trio, Op. 40

Brahms                       Piano Quintet, Op. 34          

Currier                       Quartet Set

Debussy                     String. Quartet Op. 10

Dohnyani                   Piano Quintet C Major Op 1

Dohnanyi                   String Serenade

Dvorak                        String Quartet, Op. 51, E flat

Dvorak                        String. Quartet, Op. 96 No. 6, F “American”

Dvorak                        Terzetto in C Major op.74

Dvorak                        Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op 87

Dvorak                        Piano Quintet in A Major Op 81

Friedman                   String Quartet, No. 2

Fung                           String Quartet No 1

Gallagher                    Night Falls Fast for Viola and Percussion

Haydn                         String. Quartet Op 20 no 4

Haydn                         String. Quartet, Op. 33, No. 3 “The Bird”

Haydn                         String Quartet Op. 76 no 1

Haydn                         String Quartet Op 50 no 5

Haydn                         String. Quartet Op 54, No2

Janacek                       String Quartet, No. 2 “Intimate Letters”

Kantscheli                  Chiaroscuro for String Quartet

Mahler                        Piano Quartet in A minor

Mendelssohn             String Quartet, E flat, Op. 12

Mendelssohn             String Quartet Op. 13

Mendelssohn             String Quartet Op 81 Four Pieces

Mendelssohn             String Octet Op 20

Mozart                        String Quartet in d minor K 421

Mozart                        String Quartet, K. 458, B flat “The Hunt”

Mozart                        String Quartet, K. 465,  “Dissonance”

Mozart                        String Quartet K. 575

Mozart                        Adagio and Fugue in C minor K 546

Mozart                        Viola Quintet C minor K. 406

Mozart                        Viola Quintet, G minor K 516

Mozart                        Clarinet Quintet K 581

Pärt                             Fratres for String Quartet

Ravel                           String Quartet

Ravel                           Introduction and Allegro

Reich                           Triple Quartet

Schoenberg                Veklärtenacht

Schubert,                    String Quartet, Op. 125, no 1 in E flat

Schubert                    String Quartet in C minor D 703 “Quartetsatz”

Schubert                    String Quartet in D minor D 810 “Death and the Maiden”

Schubert                    String Quartet in G Major D 887

Schubert                    Cello Quintet, C Major

Schumann                  String Quartet in A minor Op 41 no 1

Schumann                  Piano Quartet in E-flat Op 47

Schumann                  Piano Quintet Op 44

Shang                         String Quartet No. 3

Shostakovich              String Quartet No. 3

Shostakovich              String Quartet No. 8

Smetena                     String Quartet No.1 E Minor “From My Life”

Spohr                          Double String Quartet No 1, Op 65

Stravinsky                  Three Pieces for String Quartet

Tchaikovsky               String Quartet, Op. 11

Zemlinsky                   String Quartet No 4