Laura P. Schaposnik

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I started teaching in 2005, and since then I have held different positions in the United Kingdom and Argentina. Here is a list of the different courses I have taught.

Teaching at the University of Oxford.
  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics, Magdalen College, Oxford, UK. 2011-2012
            - Part A: Analysis;
            - Part A: Integration;
            - Part A: Topology;
            - Mods: Groups, Fields and Rings;
            - Mods: Linear Algebra I,II.

  • Retained Lecturer in Mathematics, Hertford College, Oxford, UK. 2010-2011
            - Part A: Multivariable Calculus;
            - Part A: Calculus of Variations;
            - Part A: Integration;
            - Part A: Analysis.

  • College Tutor, Oxford, UK.
            - Part A, Multivariable Calculus. (New College)  2011-2012
            - Part A, Integration. (New College)  2011-2012
            - Part A, Calculus of Variations. (St. Peter's College) 2011
            - Mods, 3D Calculus. (Lincoln College & Hertford College) 2010
            - Revision for Paper D. (Lincoln College & Hertford College) 2010

  • Class Tutor, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK.
            - B9. Algebraic Number Theory (& Revision Classes). 2010

  • Teaching Assistant, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
            - B9. Algebraic Number Theory, Class Tutor: Prof. Victor Flynn. 2010
            - B3. Geometry of Surfaces, Class Tutor: Dr. Andrew Dancer. 2009
            - C9.1 Elliptic Curves, Class Tutor: Prof. Victor Flynn. 2009

Teaching for the United States of America
  • WISC and Oxford Visiting Program Tutor, Harvard University and Chicago undergraduate visiting students, Oxford, UK.
            - Calculus of variations. 2012
            - Analysis. 2012

  • OPUS Tutor, Chicago University undergraduate visiting student, Oxford, UK.
            - Probability and statistics. 2010 - 2011

  • Tutor and Mentor on-line,, New York City, US. (through Latinhire). 2005-2008

Teaching at the National University of La Plata.
  • Teaching Assistant, Mathematics Department, National University of La Plata. La Plata. Argentina.
             -Mathematical Analysis. 2006 - 2008
  • Teaching Assistant, Engineering Department, National University of La Plata. La Plata. Argentina.
            -Probabilities and Statistics. 2006 - 2008

Teaching at High School level.

  • Junior Lecturer, Colegio Nacional de la Universidad de La Plata (La Plata University High School). La Plata. Argentina.
            -Euclidean Geometry (one term: Spring 2007 ) (together with Prof. Guillermina Marcos)

  • CIE Tutor, Center for International Education, Oxford.
              -General mathematics; Further Mathematics, GCSE Sciences.  2009 - 2011