Laura P. Schaposnik

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I am currently interested in principal Hitchin fibrations and surface group representations into real forms. I am member of thDifferential Geometry Research Group at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Heidelberg, and we are looking at the relation between Higgs bundles and projective structures.

For my D.Phil thesis I have studied the monodormy action for the SL(2,R) Hitchin fibration and also looked at U(p,q) and SU(p,q) Higgs bundles. Some of the work that I have done is here:

  • "Monodromy action for the SL2 Hitchin fibration", ArXiv:1111.2550v1
  • "On the geometry of U(p,p) and SU(p,p) Higgs bundles", in preparation.
  • "Spectral data for U(p,1) and SU(p,1) Hitchin fibrations" , in preparation.
  • "Monodromy of Higgs bundles", Transfer report, Oxford University.2010

During my undergraduate at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, I wrote many different surveys which can be found here (mostly in Spanish):