In "Fatal Moon", book one of the "Moonphase" series, Carl, a sixth-year med student, discovers he has contracted lycanthropy, becoming a wolf on three consecutive nights every month. The problem is, it's killing him. Literally. He hires Jordan,  his surly former classmate, as his personal trainer to help him replace weight he's losing as he struggles to find a cure while hiding out in his family's former manor house in the Cascade mountains.
In book two, "Kindred Moon", Jordan has been taken under the wing of the alpha w
erewolf, Luke, and is learning to develop his skills 
so he can help Luke enforce werewolf law. They learn of an alliance between two of their enemies, and it looks like they might need allies of their own, among other hybrid species. Luke is already struggling to keep up with the primary law "do not be discovered" that was given them by the aliens who engineered werewolves several millennia ago. The new threat to their existence is an unwelcome surprise, but not so much as the truth Jordan discovers about his own heritage. The werewolves are pressed by selkies to join forces so they can an even more powerful enemy whose machinations could destroy them.

"Moonphase" is a Contemporary Fantasy series, with Crystal Skulls, the Great Pyramids, and Ancient Aliens. For more information on these objects, and alternative history theories in the books, check out the links to the left. 

The premises inherent in "Moonphase" include: 1) Extraterrestrials came to earth thousands of years ago to use humans and animals to perfect their interspecies gene-splicing technology, so they could use it to adapt to planets they want to colonize. 2) Werewolves and selkies are two of the remaining hybrids species they created. 3) Once the aliens perfected their gene-splicing methods, they told the hybrids they could live as long as a) humans don't know about them and b) they do not harm humans. 4) The alien overlords return to earth every 500 years to check on their creations, take data on their evolution, and judge whether the hybrids have broken those laws, in which case they are exterminated. 5) Many of the legends, folklore and myths of earth come from humans encountering hybrids and aliens.

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