My name is Laura A. Pasquini and I am a doctoral candidate in the Applied Technology & Performance Improvement with the Department of Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas. 
The Professional UNT Photo

The ATPI doctoral program from the Department of Learning Technologies has supported both my professional and career goals. Throughout my academic experience, I was encouraged to network with faculty and scholar-practioners, engage in collaborative research  projects, speak at professional conferences and associations, hone my writing craft for publications, and development my own voice in the learning and performance field. 

My personal learning network, on campus and beyond, supports my scholarly experience and professional development. As an open and connected doctoral student you are able to learn about my research interests and experiences as I am often found posting on Twitter (https://twitter.com/laurapasquiniand on my blog (http://techknowtools.wordpress.com/about my Ph.D. journey.

My areas of research blend open education, collaborative learning environments, and social web engagement for learning, training and professional development. I consider myself a self-declared geek and a self-taught techie who has an enthusiasm for engaging peers in online collaborative learning experiences. Here is my ATPI Doctoral Portfolio that shares my research, teaching, and service scholarship.

{This ATPI Portfolio was last edited December 2012.}