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Inaugural Annual Dalloway's Carnival

On April 29, 2009, the Dalloway's Board put on the Inaugural Annual Dalloway's Carnival.  The carnival comes at the end of the spring semester to help raise funds for a specific charity as well as give students a time to relax before finals week.  The 2009 Dalloway's Carnival raised $250 which was donated to the Heifer Organization in order to purchase a Water Buffalo for Filipino villages in need.
Carnival Inflatables
The Carnival had Bungee Basketball, Castle Bounce, and a  Giant Slide. A tent and
table were provided for the DJ.
Dinner Buffet Set-up
Dinner buffet tables were set up inside of the Dalloway's Coffeeshop.
Dining Set-up
Outside seating was provided on the Dalloway's Lawn.
Drinks Table
Drink and Desserts were served buffet style on the lawn.