Laura was born!

Welcome to my new Home Page.

My name is Laura and I'm already have my own Home Page which for now is administrated by my parents. Very very soon I will be creating my own updates...

I was born March, 10th of 2009 at 13:00 hours with 9.25lb(4,195gr) and  20.08inch(51cm) high. I was the biggest baby in the maternity this day!

I'm already getting used to the world outside and I'm starting to have my first experiences. Cry when I fell hot/cold, when I'm hungry or when something is bothering me, like colics. But this is consuming just a little of my time since everyday I'm becoming more prepared for the world outside here and all its news.

Campinas temperature is very pleasant, in its regular temperature of 75.2F(24Celsius). Don't get confuse the Celsius term with my Grandfather name Celso, he didn't create this scale :-) . This temperature in Campinas make me feel very well.

My big sister is being very good with me, even she is very young and without much control of their strenght. She prays for me everynight and I'm pretty sure many people are "crazy" to see me.

Nowadays we have many tools where distance appears shorter and then we can keep "next".

A big kiss to everybody that waited for me!

Now I'm very tired and I will ask for my parents to stop write for me!

Little Laura by theur parents.