Research Summary

My research focuses on ecology and society, broadly defined, and employs an interdisciplinary approach to nature—society interactions to examine global and local sustainability. I am currently developing two book projects. The first focuses on the intersection of international development, gender, and the environment. This book merges ecofeminist perspectives with theories of international political economy to analyze the prevailing social forces that connect gender to the environment and their collective influence on national and global sustainability. This book also considers the potential for women to be agents of change in addressing current environmental crises. The second advances a theoretical and empirical framework for analyzing spatial inequality and environmental injustice in the United States. Drawing on natural and social sciences, this book connects sub-national (local, regional) sustainability dynamics surrounding disasters, waste, and residing in toxic environments to broader social formations of gender, race, and class. Quantitative and spatial analyses substantiate claims of disproportionate ecological burdens for women alongside traditional dimensions of class and race.

Journal Publications (Refereed)

Kick, Edward L., Thomas Burns, and Laura McKinney. 2017. “The Coupling Effects of World-System Position and             National Capitals On Relative Economic Growth in Developing Countries.” Agricultural Research & Technology            11(4):1-16. (link)

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McKinney, Laura A., Edward L. Kick, and Gregory M. Fulkerson. 2010. 
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Book Chapters

McKinney, Laura. 2016. “Reinventing Rural Environmental Justice.” Pp. 57-76 in G. Fulkerson and A. Thomas’s              (eds.) Reinventing Rural: New Realities in an Urbanizing World. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 

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Other Publications

McKinney, Laura. 2017. Review of: Capitalism in the Web of Life by Jason Moore. Human Ecology Review(link)

Kick, Edward L. and Laura A. McKinney. 2012. Dependency Trends. In George Ritzer's (ed.), Encyclopedia of                 Globalization. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Kick, Edward L. and Laura A. McKinney. 2012. Comparative Advantage. In George Ritzer's (ed.), Encyclopedia of         Globalization. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.