Empowering spiritual diversity and freedom, and connecting the heart of all religions

One of the greatest challenges we have in the world is our opposing views about our concept of God. There are many religions, cults and sects that divide us and prevent the collective unity of our spirit from truly happening. The things that block our oneness with Holy Spirit, which is the essence and breath of life, and the strife about our interpretation of how God interacts with us, internally and externally, are what I seek to dissolve. The return of Heaven on Earth, and God with Goddess, cannot take place when there is so much religious division on this planet.

How we live our lives and how we find stability in our thoughts and beliefs don't need to change. What we need to resolve is the separation that results from spiritual competition, ego, control, war, prejudice, hierarchy, and male/female imbalance created by religious institutions. We need to abolish evil that emerges in our world in hidden ways, and find the source of the problem. Very often it is due to the abuse of power and corrupted authority. Structure and discipline are a good basis for spiritual growth, but there are boundaries being crossed that need to be addressed and walls being built that we need to tear down. We have to recognize one another as parts of the web of life, the creative matrix, and the God and Goddess in their many forms. It is time to truly wake up, mend our mistakes and align to the channels of spirit and unconditional love. 

We have to remember that the natural world is divine will and contains the wisdom of God/dess, to which we are required to surrender, in order to achieve the goal of peace on Earth. Through understanding the path of the Goddess, we can feel her essence in the forces of nature, see her body as the Earth, and know her unconditional love is there with us as the spirit behind all created life. We can then develop a deeper awareness of how our world has been adversely affected by her suppression. How she is securing and paving our way to achieving harmony is the journey of her soul.

I want to reawaken the concept of Goddess spirituality and create balance within current male-dominated institutions. I seek to travel and discuss with various religious leaders a plan of action from a place of higher wisdom, while knowing that this is the only way we can honor our common faith in spirit and also how we can best serve the whole planet. I wish to bring love and healing to the broken aspects of faith, and liberate the understanding that we all have a common goal when we are seeking spiritual awareness – which is to be redeemed, have peace, find paradise, have camaraderie and understand the deeper purpose about life and where it is taking us into the future.

Healing the roots of epidemics, bioterrorism and war

The Earth and humanity are a connected force that can only function when balanced and united. Evolution is the constant quest to achieve these conditions. Gaia, the force of spirit that moves nature, is the greatest weapon we have against the threat of illness and attack. The elements hold the key to regenerating harmony and well-being. When we master how the elements move within the soul, we can align to the laws of nature and love and bring everything back to a state of healing and wholeness. The abuses of power, control and inequality that contribute to the breeding of hostile realities producing war, corruption and global ruin, will break under the power of our mastery and oneness with the heart of Gaia and the core union of creation. This is how we will truly assist Mother Earth in her path towards reuniting with Heaven.


Epidemics are where energy and nature have lost connection. The effect that fire, water, air and earth have on one another and how they are integrated in proportions to create transformation, is something we have the ability to direct and use as medicine. Like musical chords, high vibrations can be accessed to resolve the stagnation that our movement in evolution has been in. Through careful analysis, enlightenment and a synergistic perspective towards how to heighten our individual thoughts, actions and physical health, we can influence the matrix that connects everything and undo virtually anything that is dangerous or destructive.

Diseases like Aids, Cancers, Avian Flu, etc hold information that will help us understand the root causes of where we as a humanity are not thriving. Through understanding the disease progression over time and recognizing the target groups or nations and collective stigmas attached to the previously healthy organism, we can activate ways to resolve its negative programming. When the organism receives its spirit again, blocked energy is released and vital movement happens. This will increase our ability to evolve as a whole to a higher potential, and this can be something as simple as a shift in perception. Disease serves as a teacher and is here to show us how the weakness can be strengthened through the healing power of spirit – a force in nature that naturally responds to a wound, injury or insult. For us, this is the immune system. This concept applies to us both personally and globally.


War is a continual threat and conflict that exists in our everyday life, within our bodies, and between nations and leaders. Our way of creating order out of chaos produces dualities and division rather than unity. Division creates strife and at its worst, war. This takes place in life on every level, and our task is to exist in unique diversity. Bioterrorism is a way of acting out the artificial will of nature, which seeks revenge and control, with religious fanaticism being the basis for having any right to do so. This is all a part of the journey of freewill, expressing itself in extremes, in order to alert us to how our dualities have gotten completely out of control.

War and the many types of weapons used to destroy can only be eradicated when the force of spirit is strong enough to move nature to destroy the elements of evil – rather than have the weakness of the world be blocked from receiving its highest potential and divinity. This blockage, due to imbalance and conflict, causes nature to behave in ways that are continually seeking to maintain balance as an entire Earth organism, regardless of who lies in the wake of her catastrophes. To terminate threats and germs in our world, we need the forces of the elements as our strongest ally, and we can only have this by aligning to her will and helping the balancing act on Earth complete itself, in relationship to humanity. This way, Gaia is the protector that we co-create with, and the destroyer of all that needs to go. Everything that is evil and not right in the world will naturally be eradicated, when the connected forces of Earth and the good in humanity are truly working together.

Gaia Principle

The things in life that are neglected and kept in struggle and turmoil are parts of ourselves that we need to love and nurture. How we interpret the worth of others and keep their abundance and prosperity from being attainable is directly related to our self-centered consumption and need for power. Recognizing that this is our own war and illness that we need to deal with internally is how we can achieve better results as we do the outer work on Earth to create change. This is how we can boost the immune system of Gaia, so that we are not wiped out in her attempt to rid the planet of the things that are making her weak.

For thousands of years we have lost aspects of the Goddess spirit on Earth and parts of her soul have remained stuck, forgotten, neglected and buried. This loss has manifested in extremes such as natural disasters, climate crisis, illness, war, etc. The world soul is trying to emerge, and a force exists within us to find our connection to her. She is the Earth body, the breath of life, the cosmos and the regenerative force of nature. The Goddess needs our help; her path has been focused on helping us, and it is time that the scales are even. We owe this to our global family, which is the many cultures, nations and people who are suffering daily and hanging on not much of anything to survive – and they are actually the greatest teachers to our wholeness. We can be the greatest healers to ourselves and to those in need, when we see them as parts of ourselves that we long to unify.

Deactivating harmful technologies, exposing hidden agendas, stopping New World Order, and creating the pathway to heaven

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