Completing Magdalene's legacy and the Story of Goddess Sophia


I am currently writing a book about the Goddess Sophia on Earth and her story that has been unfolding throughout time, which has a place in the calendars and prophecies of the ancients. Sophia is a woman who is a personification of nature and the planet Venus, the morning and evening star. The mythology surrounding her and what she represents in creation, never has been written before from such a personal perspective.

This book is about my connection to Sophia, the story of Sophia and my long soul journey over time that has experienced the many different aspects and myths of the Goddess. I have been awakening and healing through intense soul searching, self-awareness and transformation, while conquering the suppression that has kept her hidden. At times I refer to the name Sophia, and at other times I refer to myself and my path. There is no separation between the two.

The movement through evolution of Sophia reveals how her presence on Earth connects to planetary healing. Sophia, as the world soul, has the task of restoring the balance of our existence and purifying hell, in order to restore the Goddess cauldron of regeneration and immortality to the Earth plane. Creating divine union in the depths of the underworld is the seed of the Goddess finding union within, as this allows the light of heaven to emerge from the roots of life, so that it can express itself through our souls and be fused into matter. The divine forces of nature and the wisdom of Mother Earth is where Sophia exists, revealing how we can complete global transformation towards our ultimate liberation.

As Sophia emerges, we move closer and closer to our true potential and connection to Spirit. As things get shaken up, the misguided forces of creation and destruction that are at war with creating balance on all levels, can begin to end. The unstoppable power of her passionate heart and strong will, that can conquer all threat and attack, is embodied in her, and has been an endless theme in my life. This is a story of how the role of Sophia and this mission has been given to me like a code in my soul to fulfill at all costs, no matter how dangerous or treacherous the journey may be.

The deeper story of the World Soul, who is the container and vessel of the seminal spark of spirit, love and light that has mothered everything, is held within all beings as a connection to the Goddess. Through the experience of having the lower manifestation of the same form on Earth, Sophia works to gather all aspects of herself into wholeness again, while seeking divine union, which brings Earth and Heaven together.

Topics and Description of My Path

I share moments and insights from my childhood, my family and connection to great-grandfather Ike and the nature of all that I encountered on my path. This is a path I could never really share with my family, but they were amazing and inspiring to my journey and truly kept me going. I had to set off on an extraordinary journey that I had to understand and try to grasp alone. I talk about the abuses and struggles that attempted to defeat me, the unions along the way, and the isolation and abandonment that I survived. I describe the grueling terror and struggles in the depths of the underworld labyrinth that wrestled my soul to the ground and caused me to experience an indescribable rage, which has been a force for me to conquer injustice in the world.

Male energies often threatened my life, and I experienced endless tears and breakdowns for over a decade, while I was battling suffocating chaos and longing for union with my love Christ/Osiris. I tell many stories about how I fooled death time and time again, while I adventured and traveled on very little means for most of my adult life. A lot of this chaos still followed me while I was mothering twin boys, and it took almost superhuman strength to find stability and protection from the powerful forces that wished to keep me suppressed, in danger and isolation.

My book talks about my own personal path and the information communicated to me from my intuition, spirit guides, friends and clairvoyant teachers. Through the validation that I have received from them, higher dimensions and communications with Christ, my strength to remain on this path has been continually renewed. This has given me the clarity to bring this story to the world. Doubting my own intuition and struggling deeply with the revelations I had concerning what this all meant, was a challenge in itself. I talk about my self-destruction, fears, doubts and pleas to God to not have to do such work. I never knew names or the history of the Goddess as I was growing up, but the path was evident to me, and the calling from God to complete this is inescapable. The names and parallel information did not find me until my later years, but Magdalene was a name I felt ever since I was small and Madeleine is even my real middle name.

The symbols, revelations, emotions and encounters that follow a chronological order in the events of time, history and evolution, seem to leave a trail of this unending will, in order to complete the story of creation and achieve the victory of balance between humanity and nature. Those who honor Sophia, hold the hidden knowledge and honor divinity in the land as the body of the Goddess. In seeing the role of Sophia (Ariadne) as the weaver throughout time, co-creating with the cycles of nature to return us to our spiritual roots, we can grasp the concept of restoring the tree of life. Like a web of lifetimes that are working to complete the fulfillment of the divine will on Earth, Sophia finally emerges in this age, to guide and awaken those who are ready to bring spirit home, and be a part of the endless miracles that will follow.

This is a very real story of the Goddess on Earth, who works through my body. I traveled with her into the deep mystery, the void and the darkness to unlock the hidden antidote of life. Through battling the forces of negative destruction, the power of Sophia's love and truth can repair the effects that our disconnection from nature has produced in our world and in ourselves. The conflicts, threats and suffering on Earth can therefore dissipate, and the sun of spirit can glow brightly and protect all life. Time is running out, and this is a plea, and wakeup call from Sophia herself. In returning us to our spiritual roots, with the awareness becoming an experience, the balance of nature and humanity can create global oneness, protect us from threat, and release us from the wheel of necessity - the karmic journey of free will that has a teaching and message about how to ascend and find the God/ess within. What happens beyond here is a dream that has our imagination, heart and spirit as the leader of our soul journey.

I am here to assist humanity in understanding the symbolism and metaphors concerning information about Venus, 2012, Mayan Calendar, divine union and the functions of the sacred feminine and her emergence in our world today. I bring in past lives and present time connections to the lost bride Magdalene in exile, vesica pisces, Ishtar and the underworld descent, Merlin and Ariadne, Dionysis and the labyrinth and more. Magdalene, Sophia, Isis, Ariadne, Diana, Ishtar and Kali are the names that I have connected to most. I have been in the process of completing the work, journey and myth of these archetypes, and how they relate to the legend of the Grail, the early tribes that served the path, the cauldron of the Goddess, the love story of Christ Sophia and the restoration of the land.

Renewing creativity and the World Soul with cycles of nature

Here is a more detailed description of the creative forces behind global transformation and are the main topics discussed in my book, lectures and workshops.

Global transformation involves the four elements of nature, spirit, creativity and the ability to shift the vibration of the soul that is on the macro level - the World Soul. In order to shift the vibration, we need to work with the moon cycles, our own balance, and take more responsibility for our thoughts and actions, while being willing to take risks and reach for deeper information and an awareness that might not be apparent to us in the outer world.

The work of global transformation has its roots from the beginning of time. The creative process to restore union and bring the essence of spirit into matter has been the goal of our evolution, since the Earth and Universe were birthed. Epidemics, cataclysms, environmental and global threats are all a result of the imbalance and disconnect that the collective will of humanity has created, by being divorced from nature for thousands of years. To counteract all potential catastrophes, our souls and technologies have to be prepared for an intense growth towards enlightenment. There was a time when the energies were in balance, but due to intense conflicts, power struggles and suppression, we have forgotten the simplicity of how to restore ourselves and the World. Being at peace with the flow of the deeper intelligence in the elements and the wisdom of the Earth, is how to assist this process and experience the adventure of life.

With the path and voice of Sophia present, certainty, awareness, truth, and a safe and beautiful destiny is possible. She can allow us all peace through our surrender to nature and the force of the divine will that co-creates with the elements. We can assist nature in expelling the threats and enemy by being the voice and action of its intention; without that we are destroying ourselves as we destroy our Mother Earth. This is the dream of the Holy Spirit, the breath of life to bring this harmony to the planet, and to take us to other worlds through the creative imagination guided by love.

All animals, plants/herbs, and the elements are creative forces, spirit medicine, and a means of transformation worked with as aspects of the unity and delicate matrix of life - a part of the Goddess in all her forms. This is an intuitive wisdom that lies deep in the soul of creation and is activated by those who create with Nature. The journey of the World Soul in history tells the story, but the Holy Spirit is the essence and breath of life.

The infinite spirit of Ain Soph, the cosmic egg cracking and the big bang, and the process of birthing the cosmos and tree of life all connects to the Goddess story. The separation in creation of male and female, good and evil, and how the evolution of dealing with these polarities has caused shifts, ages, eras, environmental changes and global crises, are what we need to heal and understand in our path home again. If we continually grow with wisdom and regenerate our experience and understanding, we can change the way we relate to one another and recognize our role as equals. When we master the polar forces in our body and align them with the seasons and the cycles of decay, death, rebirth and growth, we can see how things are created and destroyed to return to source again. The merging of good and evil gives us the experience of neutrality, which allows evil to be the regenerative force of the underworld that produces good things. The forces of darkness are therefore not denied or misused, they simply stay underground where they belong. This causes it to lose the charge of evil. It becomes the mystery of all that we are, that we can discover without the bias of ego, which is why we ever act in evil ways. The refusal to surrender and the need to control everything and have power has to be handed over to the trust of spirit and the divine plan. One may find, that this is the way to make dreams come true and have a more true form of power and control.

The journey through dark and light forces and the unconscious mazes of illusion lead to the merging of polarities that have a center point of harmony and equilibrium. The center point is also the Earth Body, that exists between Heaven and the underworld womb of the Earth. The navigation of the world soul of Sophia through the underworld labyrinth to unify dualities, ultimately allows her to center and resurrect herself on Earth and unlock the gateway to Heaven. The alchemical union within the world soul on the Earth plane can become the balance, peace and spirit of all life, if we discover this process within and around us. As we approach 2012 -- the cross-culturally prophesized date for humanity's awakening, we need to understand this, to heal the broken relationship in creation.

Working in matter from the roots of Chaos upwards, allows spirit to penetrate the Womb of the Goddess, to re-create the conditions that birthed the Earth and Universe - this is conception in the depths in order to birth the essence of our wholeness. The union of heaven (our higher self), the underworld (our deep soul and unconscious) and the Earth (our body and home) is what we all seek to achieve as co-creators. Sophia has secured this for life, and has begun this process that we need to assist her in completing.

Through the alchemical process of the four elements and the spirit journey, the power of matter and limitation are replaced by the power of spirit, freedom, and imagination. Dualities dissolve into the void and new beginnings are birthed from the purified vessel that has slowly been freed of obstacles through the work of Sophia and all emanations of the Goddess. This is what triumphs over disease and resolves strife, imbalance, war, epidemics and ultimately, separation from our higher selves. The laws of nature and the power of creation and destruction are all energies that we can personally harness in our being, in order to do our part in assisting the world soul, ourselves and humanity's restoration on the planet Earth. With the will to become one with the flow of death, resurrection, balance and renewal, one can shed the old voices of authority, release the pain of separation, and find the divine wisdom within to triumph over the forces that limit and control our creative energy. This is not physical death, but the death that releases us from that which no longer serves us. Destroying what needs to go and creating what should remain is the outcome. Unwellness is the result of fearing or blocking this process, or being suppressed by others who refuse to accept these truths. One of our biggest challenges is having the courage to let nature be the power and wisdom to take us home and restore all of life. We are this force when unified, and since we are not yet globally unified, it is our higher selves that will protect this destiny of our highest potential, individually.

Bringing love and union to the places that are in darkness and that feel abandoned, lost or forgotten, is how we can emerge from our own deep sleep and then reclaim our power and creativity, which assists us in drawing our twin flame match back. When we see the Earth as ourselves, and create transformation within, we can experience soul retrieval and become one with the Goddess energy who made the journey into the underworld to bring the dark sister of rage and pain, to the light. By aligning to the healing power of love that surrounds us, we can step out of the way of ourselves and become not an obstacle, but an agent of the divine will, that is the intent of the Mother, who by essence, unconditionally loves, nurtures and protects us. Only when we turn our back on this, do we experience danger and threat, and contribute to the wounds of the Earth. This is the age of awakening to how to stop this pattern of destruction.

The Golden Age

This whole journey over time, the path of free will, the work of the World Soul and the intention of nature and spirit, leads us to a magnificent era, of which we are on the cusp. The veils between life and death can be lifted to resolve the pain of loss and fear that separation has caused and the veils to our own higher selves can be gone as well.

The freedom of exploration, spiritual fulfillment and wellbeing are not just ideals that are far in the future, they are attainable now. When we are inspired by our highest imaginations and confident in our abilities to rise above the conditions that threaten us and the planet, we can navigate our dreams, explore the universe, and discover how to exist in the vastness of the ethereal and physical worlds with protection, creative freedom and spiritual power. We need true teachers and guidance in this area to quicken the process and alleviate us from the traps that threaten us, which we can't risk falling into anymore.

Extinction or enlightenment is upon us, and denying our spirit path is the root cause of outward destruction. Enlightenment is an internal force that can be translated into the larger world. By ridding ourselves of negative energy and the tendency to sabotage our truth and be controlled by others, we can allow destruction to transform us internally first, rather than have destruction externally try and teach us where we still have to grow. The union of God/ess, as an emanation of our spirit both above and below, can breathe freely and heal the world if we exist in the unconditional love of spirit and the creative wisdom of nature. We can improve our lifestyles, habits, thoughts and relationships, and become the bliss, peace and joy for which we are yearning. This feeling won't be just a passing feeling, it will be the reality of what the Golden Age is.

My Work

This project was inspired from my personal experience of taking a journey into the underworld, walking the maze of the labyrinth, facing the darkness, feeling the terror and anguish of separation, finding union in my soul in isolation, and finally emerging with a deeper understanding of what the journey truly represented.

My soul and life experience unravel from the DNA matrix of creation. I seek to reveal the genetic blueprint of Gaia by activating the same code within our souls. By clearing her symptoms of imbalance and resolving humanities separation from her, the true essence of Heaven on Earth can be revealed. I battled the negative forces of chaos, planted a seed of light in the depths of the underworld and found the path to the Golden Age. I can show that the gateway to heaven isn't just an idealistic concept; it's a reality that I can assist the world in finding and entering. Writing about this and the science of alchemy, keys to mastery in the darkness and mystery, and what it means for the future is what I am working on developing. I seek to do workshops and lectures to discuss how participating fully in transformation can be all that is required to allow the peace and balance the internal self needs. We can also experience this in our external world when we recognize that this victory has already been achieved on the World Soul level.