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2012 and the Ancient Game: Venus–Sophia and Recruitment to Mars

Chapter 1. Events Leading up to the Recruitment
Chapter 2. Meeting Agent X and the Mission to Mars


Developing Awareness

As a child I knew what my mission was and seemed to carry an awareness of myself that extended beyond the aura of self. The reality of it existed strongly in my emotional body, and it overwhelmed me to proportions impossible to describe, all the way into adulthood. I was about to embark on something that already existed within the nature of my soul – as a woman trying to anchor higher Love and Wisdom on Earth through taking a perilous journey into the depths of the Hellish Underworld. I knew this was the only way to help us break free from the grips of the controlling archons and demiurge (patriarchy), to restore balance and assist in the activation of our highest potential.

Growing up in the Eisenhower family helped me not feel so alone. When I learned about Ike, his upbringing, the way energy seemed to affect him and how he was aware of his incredible purpose and responsibility, I felt I was going through something similar. What I was discovering felt so serious. I was shocked daily with the realization that I had to confront this calling and face it. I deeply sensed that this was a most crucial undertaking for our survival and no matter how alienated, alone, lost and misunderstood I was or felt – I would hold on to this as I hold on to flesh itself. There is no way to shake it off.

It is not for me that I share this, it is for a long-held vision, dream and goal that involves us all – which is to be liberated as multi-dimensional beings who have abilities that are beyond technology and what our immediate senses can grasp. The Universe reveals to us the extent to which our imagination and creativity can work for us – and it is limitless and infinite.

The Bigger Picture

The archonic patriarchal energies have had a manipulative hold on the life-force and creativity of Gaia for thousands of years, personified as Sophia the Goddess. Our Mother Earth is more powerful than these lower energies though, but to instantly break free of the dysfunction would mean a mass apocalypse and the re-establishment of a new creation. To let go and lose awareness would result in being taken away on an agenda that has been in the works, with the intention of re-seeding a new civilization on Mars under the selfish control of the Global Elite – therefore leaving the Earth to atrophy and self-destruct. 

The Mother energy loves us though beyond our comprehension and is patient and determined to create global transformation, regenerate and re-unite with Heaven, through the cycles of nature and the path of Venus.

Along the way I discovered that I was transparent to the elements, merged with divine will and fully immersed in the myths of Sophia and Cosmic Gaia body. This was my path – the path of Venus, and it weighed heavily on me to not be able to share this with anyone. There is no real way for anyone to understand this without it sounding like a belief of mine, so I needed to understand myself more and why I even felt these things.

It was after the use of sound technologies that I really knew that what I was dealing with was fact; it had stronger relevance to me than something filtered through the 10+ psychic readings that confirmed this. These actual prints and charts revealed the enormity of my task, the unique energy field and creative power that was available. Being well versed in astrology, it was very clear in my chart that this was the path of Venus. 

To me, I represent a unified field of love, so therefore I am a spokesperson for the divine spark in all, which is going to be more and more illuminated as we draw closer and closer to the prophesized shift date 2012… When this takes place and the veils are lifted, including the one between life and death – we will be given full access to the cosmos as galactic voyagers with free reign to access all levels of our being and existence.

It is like the true power of Gaia that regenerates itself and opens us up to its cosmic immortal nature, has been replaced by a force that carries parasitic beings that attach to people, harmful frequencies that control even the weather – also mind control, who feed off of anything that gives it power because one is unaware of its influence. Without most of humanity knowing it, they are feeding this force. This is what I was preparing to confront – those who are behind the technologies and agreements that keep us locked in global exile from the rest of the universe and our true selves.

Our current reality is not fully running on the creative power of each individual or our freedom and divinity – that part of us is somewhat sabotaged in exchange for a fear producing world filled with misuses of power, suffering, environmental degradation, Natural Disasters and neglect of those who are in great need.

Our collective imbalance is what causes any outward imbalance, and it is due to this divine spark being so veiled and hidden, that we function on a whole other system that is completely out of alignment with our organic make-up. The blueprints that the planet holds, we are meant to be aligned to in order to create in accordance with natural cycles, the planetary grid and then also find in our own beings, the union of polarities. With this type of awareness, we can bridge the separation of Earth and the Heavens and understand different technologies and how they either work against or with our environment. We need to co-create with the Mother energy, there is only so much that this force can do, and now is the time to unify.


Throughout my life I could visualize and feel the larger global energy field, and it was more vast and expansive than I could handle. All global suffering affected me deeply, and I felt an overwhelming responsibility to restore things. The demand was in direct relation to the survival of consciousness on this planet, the survival of my own soul, and the survival of much of humanity in terms of transitioning out of great danger and threats, into our freedom and return to Universal society.

I held a very strong vision of how the world would be if I could retrieve my many aspects that I felt in places other than my body. There was some kind of split that was evident, but it wasn’t multiple personalities, it was more an awareness that there was much more to me that I needed to retrieve, in order to feel whole and in order to restore Gaia. 

There was so much more needing to be integrated and anchored from the depths of soul and the higher planes of love and light. It was easier for me to journey between the two, rather than be grounded on Earth because there was continual attack on my energy field anytime I began to get grounded. I later discovered that it was part of the hidden agendas that I would eventually confront in a very intimate way – one that was trying to force me down a timeline that I wanted nothing to do with.

I had to surface a very important missing part of myself that was hiding out somewhere in the Underworld. If I could clear and purify that region and retrieve that aspect from the controllers, then the Heavens and higher aspects would naturally merge with the dark fertile depths and the marriage of opposites could take place – birthing onto Earth the essence of light, love, wisdom, abundance, justice and eradicating all harmful and corrupt powers. This union of light and dark and male and female is the natural essence of the Goddess Gaia and is all of our divine blueprint. What has been fragmented and disrupted on Earth has happened to us as well, and this was how to heal it. Beyond this journey though, there will be no completion unless we join forces and unify.

I knew I was going to be led into that dark realm that is now Hell, but I blocked out the premonitions of how terrorizing and painful it would be. But somehow the Underworld felt like my womb, the region where my creative fires could be awakened to send its transformational love out into the world – to dissolve and destroy evil plots, epidemics and war. That was the part of me that I needed to reach. But it had been taken over and my whole life would be about getting it back.

Soul Alchemy and Archetypes

Global chaos was drowning me daily, and all I could do was take it in by working on one issue at a time, one level of it at a time. As I began to fall into the netherworld, I knew what I was doing as a warrior, going deeper and deeper into realms that most will never know or even ever go to. Along the way, all that is afflicted, harmful and separate was being absorbed into my being. My work was to heal it through my body, integrate it and have my third eye sort out the negative frequencies of the false-matrix with the pure energies of nature and the organic light, which seemed to match something deep within me.

Putting those pieces internally and externally back together aided me to lessen the charges and intensities of the attacks from the Archons, the spells, and the hidden agendas... I became really skilled in being able to tell the difference between what was false and what was true.

Bush-wacking through the wilderness of the world soul, walking the labyrinth mazes that were formed by the footprints I left behind – I observed the horrors and the illusions of separation that existed around me. This was the macrocosm of a living being, which it seemed my physical body could sense and feel as its own.

I did soul alchemy on this level throughout my life during all the disasters and epidemic scares, including Anthrax, Tsunami and 9-11. I was being sucked into dimension after dimension and portal after portal battling inorganic entities on my journey to reach the light in the heavens (even though my heart and spirit were there), while in the depths of darkness that I had been pulled down into, to retrieve my creative force that has been in exile.

I felt the archonic patriarchal force try and trip me up daily and the suffocation, threats and chaos to my physical world, made me feel as though I was in an energetic war zone that would take years and years to break free from. I felt my emotions the size of the oceans and the fires of erupting volcanoes spewing forth at any attack, cruelty or evil that confronted me.

I could feel myself tear through the walls between dimensions by moving past the gate-keepers who blocked the next level, creating a pathway for the light to come in. I would then plant a seed of divine union in the deepest and darkest region, by connecting the two poles. The force of this could rise up like kundalini, bringing awakening and revelation to many who were asleep, and set free an energy stream to begin to replace the mind-control and harmful technologies that are in the atmosphere. This was how the dark was giving birth to the light. It exhausted me. This is also where I accessed the most intense rage imaginable that needed to be integrated.

I was bed ridden for nearly two years at one point. As I was doing this, the only safe place for me was in the wilderness it seemed. Along the way my relationships seemed to be intertwined with this process – as most of the men I met had archetypal significance to this journey, were agents to hidden groups, or were highly possessed by forces that were threatening to my life. I met them at different levels and stages of my journey, and they were mostly people I had to break free from.

During this journey, I had to confront nearly every archetype mentioned in any myth relating to Sophia – such as Hathor, Isis, Inanna, Kali, Persephone, Magdalene, Guinevere, Morgaine, Ariadne, and more than just those. Each of these took turns, and even though I had not really read about any of it, it was normal and natural to understand this. My connection to Christ kept me going – his presence was always with me, and I had to process a lot of devastation in connection to him and my longing for his presence on Earth.

They are all part of the story of soul, personifications of forces of nature and these particular ones are all associated with Venus. They affect us all and some don’t realize what they are all about so to avoid promoting belief, I would say that it would be of great benefit to become more familiar with what these names and archetypes mean.

I knew that putting a stop to me was being planned for lifetimes and it was Ancient. I knew I was being targeted so I never felt like a victim, more a Warrior who refused to be defeated. I was taken down this road and faced with this challenge and regardless of whether or not I believed in it – in my greatest of doubt something would always prove me wrong.

We are truly beginning to remember our divine origins and are starting to work in harmony with nature, rather than give our power away to the mind-set that we are separate, God is somewhere else other than within, Earth is just a resource, and that it is okay to be self-serving rather than in service to our higher nature and the world at large.

Relating to the Human Realm

I spent most of my teenage years and adulthood just releasing all the stress and pain through intense emotion, up until just two or three years ago. Everything I describe about my journey below was something I did while still trying to function as a normal person. So, when I finally did access that deep rage – it was intense to say the least, and I had to channel the fire in the most appropriate of ways, to blast transformation and truth into the center of the Illuminati masterminds.

I was never really able to focus in school and ended up alienating myself from everything and everyone, and decided that I would study Wilderness expedition leadership when I had to choose a focus.

My sisters are scholars and my father even speaks seven languages and was born in Egypt. I knew I could be book smart, but there was no way for me to exist in the physical world without it either shaking things up, or causing all kinds of forces to come after me – so being out in nature felt like the best option and the most healing.

When I did focus on school work I did well, and even found mistakes in major text books that had formulas that I noticed were off (
related to peptides and protein synthesis) – and that the teacher even confirmed was an actual mistake. 

In microbiology class I figured out the nature of disease, the roots of why these diseases came about, and my natural knowledge of metaphysics alerted me to my abilities as a healer. After seeing a panel of Aids patients come in, I knew how I could heal them. It reminded me of how I viewed Gaia and the way I was healing her life-force and emotional body. Many don’t see this planet as such – as an organism that a Goddess personifies and again, without trying to create beliefs about it, one would have to investigate further and find the proof for themselves. Later in life I cured a woman of cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholism; she had lived on the streets for more than 10 years. I was able to turn beer into water which many at a school I went to witnessed. These abilities would come and go, but it alerted me that there was a potent healing power that I could work with and hopefully bring more to life.

I couldn’t really read any books either, but upon browsing through a few I felt I had grasped the concepts enough, and eventually later on, came across numerous books that described exactly what I had been going through and I was astonished to see it written on paper. To read about something that I felt was so personal and intimate to my awareness, that I felt unable to share because others seemed baffled by it – it was truly a relief and a powerful validation to who and how I am and what this is really all about.

I traveled for a good portion of my adult life and lived a rather free lifestyle on very little money – exploring the US and trying to sort out the truly complex puzzle that I was stuck in. Living out of a school bus and on the road, allowed me to just get away and deal, but even then it was never-ending what was being asked of me.

Encountering Attacks

My relationship with men began to make more sense in my life, when the Mars recruitment agenda showed up. I had been through a series of events with men throughout this soul-alchemy journey, who seemed to always have some strange relationship with aliens, and if they did not know about it, I could feel a switch go off in some of them at certain times – particularly when I was most vulnerable. I knew this was a lower vibration than our many other allies in the Universe. It seemed clear to me that there were both false abductions (more holographic and communicated to the person through chips), and then there were the real ones – the ones I believe my great-grandfather President Eisenhower confronted, which has been a well-known cover-up).

My life seemed to have taken this legacy on, and although I can't say what exactly happened in the encounter that Ike had, I can say what has been the result of it and the role that I have been given in terms of handling things related to agreements, technologies, battles, and bringing about peace and justice both on and off planet.

These lower alien entities would lead these men to attack me and be quite out of control. My ex-husband, I came to discover, was giving his sperm to an alien race and had been abducted numerous times. He was very out of control with their frequencies and it was beyond a challenge for me to handle. At night sometimes he would say that he could see them and that they were around us and some nights he refused to even sleep. He had extreme paranoia and shifts in behavior that just happened out of the blue and the erratic nature of his character was very unsafe and at times life-threatening to me. It was sort of by accident that we came together and seemed too random to have been destined, but nevertheless it showed me that something of alien nature was affecting his body, heart, and mind deeply.

I had given birth to twin sons, and it was an incredible challenge to handle all of this, while being responsible for nurturing my children and protecting them from what I was going through. They were such a tremendous blessing and helped me to get over any self-destructive tendencies. I felt fully inspired to regain my strength and not give up because I had almost given up – and while I was being destroyed by external energies, I was battling the desire to just destroy myself so that I could go home and not be in pain anymore.

How is This Possible?

Deep down we are all aware of the current Global conditions. The limited ways we solve them never seem to penetrate deep enough, to end the patterns that we are all too familiar with. This felt to me really like the only way – and regardless of that, I didn’t have a choice in the matter unless I was going to give myself to those other options that were not in my make-up to even consider.

The only way to grasp what I am sharing, is to not only have an open mind, but to look into the roots of how we heal from trauma on a deep level and to view nature as an extension of ourselves as we are an extension of it. Embarking on an archeological dig within could prove useful in creating change, because really the treasures that are lost are in our own being. We can’t see this very clearly when our minds are engaged in the dominant powers of control – even if we have grown immune to it and consider our lives content and abundant.

The fact is, the rest of the world is not, and we are all responsible to one another in terms of establishing justice and having the willingness to have compassion and the clarity to see through the false matrix and the devastating effects from it that are taking place. What if we can’t do that? Then the outcome is a self-fulfilling prophecy and regardless, all life returns to the great Cosmic womb – and no technology, space-craft, president or scientist can override in words or action – the basic truth of what existed before the big-bang and what is considered the ‘Mother of all souls’. The Mother energy is the activator and illuminator of all that has been inherited from her – that resides in our DNA. We are one and we are equals.

I have done incredible work on one level for the organism Gaia, but without humanity joining in with this new paradigm shift – we will continue to live in the symptoms and side-effects of being blind. What is now coming to the surface and all the bliss that is ready to fill the world will only penetrate some, and the gateway that is opening will only be seen by those who have awakened, unless there is a radical approach taken to bring this voice out more.

The Roots of the Ancient Game

The Annunaki and all the dynamics related to that race reveal the roots of the Goddess story, and why Inanna (Venus) goes into the realms of Hell to complete this cycle again and again to merge with the dark sister (a part of me and all of us) who lay trapped beneath the layers of control. Sacred Union and Hieros-Gamos is also a powerful theme in all of these stories, as well as there being differentiation between the Grail Knights, Shepard Kings and Christ himself.

At one time the Goddess was in Wholeness, and there was no disease, suffering or war, but the competition between many of the Archetypes and their desire for control splintered the bonds of Sacred Union on Earth, which is the root of all chaos. Different necessities were birthed when the Goddess became split into many aspects, originating with the slaying of Tiamat by Marduk.

Alien energies that showed up in my life seemed to connect to these myths – but I had to understand it as a story in my soul that was helping me to weave myself back together. My work in the world now is to help people understand these concepts so that synergy and a connecting of the dots can be established through all levels of education and awareness, including philosophy, creativity, science, physics, the imagination and the hieroglyphs and archetypes of soul.

In a sense, myth does repeat itself, but like a snowball it grows and grows as we get further away from really giving it the recognition it needs both within and outside of ourselves.

The bond of Divine Union is always intact in the Heavens and creation up to this point has been a long road to weave those polarities back together again in a realm that has severed the bond. This goes from era to era – all holding stories that we have been trying to interpret for thousands of years, like the life of Christ and Eden. Religions are built out of it but there is no direct action in terms of co-creating and getting intimately connected to where Sophia has gone and what she has to say.

Nowhere to Run

After my husband and I began to separate, I somehow accidentally arrived at a psychic institute where more than a dozen readings confirmed my past lives and present energy body. It would truly freak people out if I shared what they told me, so it is better to find some of those things out on my website. I will give some examples though. 

I had a hard time believing anything that I heard from them so I just listened, but then the emotion would come up and the truth of some of what they said overwhelmed me because I was facing something I could not escape, knowing it was in me. As I was emerging and getting clear validations, books in the mainstream were merging as well, including the Dan Brown novel and movie Da Vinci code, which I haven’t brought myself to read or see, because I felt something was not accurate.

It was confirmed in both the sound technology and clairvoyant readings that I was only able to bring 4% (sometimes 10%) of myself into my body and to fully reclaim all of me, I would have to not hide anymore. The great battle had been won and now I could bring myself back, rather than work in multiple dimensions to achieve victory.

Finding Connections

During that time at the institute, I met my friend Ki'-Lia. We seemed to connect right away and had similar passions and visions. We could sense that there was something going on there that did not feel right. She was so easy to talk to and laugh with, and I felt more relieved than ever to have her in my life. As we got to know one another more, we began to counsel each other. We were in survival on many levels, trying to sort out why our lives felt so blocked and tampered with.
She was brilliantly educated as well and had creative talents that were very inspiring and unique.

I eventually opened up to her about what they had shared at the institute and what my life up to that point had been like. Her curiosity was refreshing and her ability to hear and understand me was a shock, and even though I hesitated at times she insisted I share. I told her everything about my path as Sophia-Magdalene. She seemed to deeply resonate with it and not doubt it. That was huge for me because it tortured me on the inside all my life to not be able to discuss it.

The Dark Spell and Major Confirmation

Previous to meeting Agent X and after meeting Ki’ Lia, and after my husband and I split up, I had broken free of a spell from a man who was the archetype of Dionysis/Hades, who shared in great detail his experience of an ageless woman who never perished. She claimed to be the original Eve with a tribal following. She gave him hints of the recipe for immortality, described soul families and the whole story of Eden, and that he would meet a woman called the Mother of us all, Aura Sena (world soul/Sophia/Holy Spirit). She was able to keep herself alive through inserting an orb in her yoni and it would change colors and react differently depending on whose hands it was in. He was very skeptical until she showed him. Through wizards, priestesses and books, he went on a twenty-plus year search for Magdalene-Sophia.

After we found each other through an online forum about Christ-Sophia, we met in person. I had just moved close to him before meeting him, otherwise it would have been much harder to see one another. It was not something I felt comfortable with because so far nothing had been stable or good. I felt this was a character that I had to get my energy back from, and I sensed the familiarity right away. His jaw dropped the minute I entered the room, and saw that I fit exactly the description that Eve and many others along the way gave him about me. I have their dialogue to this day – he pulled it out of a bookshelf rather hidden away because, during the time he talked to her, he wrote it all down. It happened years ago so it was very tucked away.

Not soon after I walked through the door, he pulled it out and said that it belonged to me. He had never met anyone that he could give it to, even though he was thinking it might be this or that person based on the physical description. I had goosebumps reading the description that matched me perfectly both physically and personality-wise and the path that I was always aware I was on. It is something that would truly baffle anyone who reads it. I was a skeptic of course, like he was in the beginning, but when I read the words and the countless names of the tribes, her children and the mention of Lilith, the nature of Adam and other planets where she was first fashioned and the singular creativity of Sophia. After all of that, I knew this was the real deal. I still though, find it hard to believe but after all that I have been through – is anything really that shocking anymore?

We had ongoing discussions and conflicts about my role and emergence into this world and the demiurge control. Even though it seemed like he wanted to set me free, he became very imprisoning and an incredible challenge to break free from. Skilled in alchemy and witchcraft, he admitted to casting a spell on me that got out of control in 1980, after he heard about me from Eve and was getting weary of the search. Not aware that I was still a child, the spell was intended to bring Sophia and ultimate wisdom to him. I was only seven then, and that is actually when I felt the dark forces yank on me. I realized he had fallen into the patriarchal matrix, but in his case, he wanted to love and possess me. I had it coming from all angles, from this agency and from misguided magic. He set free an entity by mistake and thought that the spell had gotten out of control.


(I will use dates with this since this was the final showdown…)

April, 2006. As I was working on breaking free of this character, I decided to go to a festival. I had been such a recluse, dealing with extreme emotions, because I could feel the forces of the archons and negative technologies try to break me on a daily basis. All I could do is cry and scream in absolute refusal of letting any mind control waves into my being. Ki’ Lia and I spoke at great length, and I empowered what I saw in her. After getting to know her more, it was clear that her and I had similar natures as embodiments of Shakti, but with just very different roles.

So at this festival I met a man who we are calling Agent X. We just hit it off and spent the evening together.  We discussed many things relating to Magdalene and Arimathea and how he had heard that our paths would cross, but there was no mention yet of his Mars mission, which would become very intense later.

He seemed to embody Joseph of Arimathea and Osiris in every way and his knowledge of nature, his art work and awareness were deep, intense and quite brilliant. Little did I know he could only maintain his organic nature for brief periods of time, until he was overtaken by something so powerfully corrupt.
June, 2006. We got engaged after some time – after we fully had a heart connection that was undeniable. As I got to know him more he started to reveal things to me about this group he goes to who are quite psychic and deal with alien abduction related things. He himself had witnessed something truly bizarre with an animal skinned, that had all the blood sucked out and that the radiation or energy around this really affected his health for a long time.

Regarding the group he mentioned, he believed that he had joined a sort of thinktank, an investigative group, which was also working on creating a mission to Mars. He kept telling me of the cataclysms that were coming and that this was something we were special to be involved in.

Agent X very much thought that the people he was dealing with were good guys and his physicist adviser was his hero because of the zero point energy, remote viewing stuff he was involved in. He tried to get me excited, saying that we had a chance to escape the disaster. It just did not sit well with me, but he wouldn't talk further, and I just hoped it would all fade away as our love would become much more important. At this time I had no idea the power they had over him, or that they were even using anything on him to keep him as an agent and almost a servant to their mission. I was blinded by love too, and I just wanted to not think about it till it came up again. I later found out that they had sent him to find me.
He knew a lot about me from numerous sources that overlapped with one another – from Freemasons, Knights Templar, to this hidden branch of the government that was behind creating this Mars mission. They understood me based on remote-viewing and time travel devices and they also seemed to recruit people from the Freemasons and Knights Templar who were well aware of the Magdalene path. They seemed to all be connected, but someone was taking advantage of it all and trying to stay one step ahead of how nature may have unfolded as far as us coming together into Union. I did not find out he was an agent until a few months into the relationship, and then I later found out that it was them who sent him to find me.
Agent X revealed to me that they had a list of men who could create that with me and when all of those relationships ended because I broke free and saw through them, they went all the way with Agent X and knew we would somehow meet. They were able to get to him before I was. I picked up on the fact that many have been chipped to destroy me and the energies of the divine feminine, but could never figure out this list and why there would even be one if I was going to eventually meet him. Perhaps as a last resort, as a back up, as a way to reel me in when I had no strength left? There are still many questions that need answering.

The agency that sent him to find me, or the other groups he was involved in who held my story in their awareness for many lifetimes, I wasn’t sure who he was speaking on behalf of regarding Sophia or my boys – because I believed I was a person of interest for the agency and was recruited to Mars because of my Eisenhower bloodline. I suppose the reasons were both.

It seemed the agency knew the Sophia part too, and recruited the key player who could create a great shift on Earth with me. It seemed all these groups were involved with each other without the full awareness of what the agenda was about, except for perhaps one or a few people.
One time he pulled all the equipment in my house apart. Taking cell-phone batteries out, shutting down all electronics – so he could candidly tell me what he knew and revealed much about me and my boys, which explained why I was even a person of interest. He said that we were being bugged, even with web cams out in the streets, and tried to insist that he was protecting me. What he told me was that this had to do with Sophia-Magdalene and that everything that I knew about myself was indeed true. They knew a lot about my boys, too. They mentioned the Mayan hero twins and Romulus and Remus who founded Rome.

I told him about my friend Ki'-Lia and the joint work we were doing to create Goddess Consciousness and also coming up with global strategies and visions of the future with many projects in the works, including celebrations to bring about a real Awakening to All. I told him about her education and he was very impressed. He wanted to talk with her and so they began a dialogue. There were ideas about her role and mine related to the Mars mission that we were given, but they are only vague to me because I had little interest.

If I had it my way we wouldn’t be going to Mars, we would stay on Earth and open up a portal (the gateway someone validated that I could open) to a more profound cosmic adventure that promotes freedom for the individual and one's higher abilities as multi-dimensional creators of a divine nature without hierarchy and competition – more love, equality and mutual respect.

So they got on the phone together and talked at great length, but those details are for her to share. I didn't have a good feeling about it, because it seemed to be formulating a goal that had nothing to do with Sacred Union on Earth, but Ki'-Lia understood the need to create that and was always able to still follow my thoughts and stay centered, alert and open. It was a new discovery for her to try to get a grasp on what he was proposing and for what reasons.

Ki'-Lia came to visit because she was actually in the area visiting family, and she knew the organic love and connection we had. We had discussed how profound our connection was as far as Sacred Union, Hieros Gamos, Grail Knight – creating Global Harmony and restoring balance to Earth. It was like I always knew that I was born to create that with a man – so to me this was IT. Problem was, the Global Elite had him in their grips.

August, 2006. The plan was that I would move to Raleigh, NC, and we would live together and figure this entire thing out, as he kept convincing me that my vision and mission would not go unnoticed. So we made the move happen. Upon arrival things drastically shifted. Mars would always come up again, and I was not feeling like it was safe, and I felt that it was a mission being created from a hidden agenda that wished to disrupt our union and have control over it – to be used for their plots in the grander scheme of things, to assist in re-seeding a civilization there. I could just sense it because his behavior often changed and fluctuated greatly from connection with me, to panic and intensity about these missions.

He seemed to have multiple personalities and told me that he did and many had told him that before. He spoke often about alien events that he had experienced and was experiencing. He mentioned that his mother had an obvious chip and I could sense that since he was young, he was being manipulated and his personality was being traumatized by her in order to weaken him to their influence. I began to do research, but then would stop and try to bring him into my world and alert him to what I was beginning to uncover.

Refusing to Go to Mars

Over time the Mars issue became louder and louder. Ki'-Lia and he were working on plans to make this mission happen, but she realized his plans were dubious based on my observations and could only try to investigate more. She and I would talk more and more, and I would fill her in on my observations. I had dreams and premonitions that something was way off, and in one dream I got taken up by chains into a ship and a voice told me I had to make a choice about being with them or staying on Earth – and that they wouldn't harm me but they would certainly control me.

I chose Earth and fell out of the ship and fell into the ocean and was all alone in darkness. I tried to reconnect with the ship and flew up into the air to just communicate to them and understand things more, but thunder and lightning obscured my ability to see the ship and I fell back into the water. Then some crazy alignment happened and all these planets were surrounding me: this organic light filled my being and I knew I made the choice for Gaia which connected with my deep awareness of what I am here to create. Plus, I naturally have adverse reactions to being controlled in any way, so I knew it was my only choice.

I told him the dream and he was nervous, but we stayed together and I continued to observe him while feeling a broken heart deep inside. I knew I was losing him to them.

As time went on he would get phone calls and drop everything and do work for some agency. He would say he had to do a mission for them. It started to get more and more intense. All I could think about was this group he had previously mentioned related to Mars. I knew the two were connected but could not understand how something that he thought was so good, seemed to be the ones' mind-controlling him and making him do things on their behalf. Something was controlling this venture and it relates to Mars colonies and some sort of off-planet agreement with some of the people I believed he associated with.

I said I did not want to go to Mars even if there were Earth catastrophes, and I felt confident especially after that dream, but he said I had to and if I didn't they would kidnap me. His behavior got worse and worse and he was dealing with all kinds of death threats, and there was no way he was able to pull out of their grips or stay on Earth with me.

January, 2007. I moved down the street and out of the house with him and he would still come and see me. The frequencies coming off him made me physically ill and a friend of his, and I realized that they were trying to turn him into some kind of robot. We confronted him, but he got defensive. It was fully clear that he was being heavily mind-controlled. Finally I determined that those he associated with were really up to no good, and I spent a couple of months researching everything associated with Mars and came to discover that a few of them in that group were indeed associated with ELF and HAARP – one even being called the Grandfather of ELF technology. I also discovered a lot about mind control and many other victims and their stories that led to their insanity and sometimes death. I even ordered some rare earth magnets and orgone, to try and de-activate him, but I could never get him to cooperate.

Ki'-Lia and I began to then put the puzzle pieces together more and more, and once she truly got what I was seeing, we began to figure out what the Mars agenda was all about. She agreed with me and began to see the attack that was directly upon my heart. I have had a lot heart troubles in my life and still do.

We discovered that in order for them to have their matrix of control, Ki'-Lia and I both discovered that they wanted the Magdalene-Isis and Osiris seeding of Mars, or the power of the Holy Grail, which means ‘royal blood.’ After so many readings throughout my life confirmed this as my identity, not just essence – it all started to make sense but in a way that was hard for me to want to communicate or own up to, except for within. I knew my energy field, heart and intention was strong enough as a personification of the Venus calendrical path (which everyone can access) to help regenerate Gaia and Mars and shift us into the positive 2012 Awakening of consciousness.

I knew this would lead to the liberation from the controls that have kept us imprisoned for so long.

I felt the familiar imprint around me of Ancient Babylonian reptilian entity called Marduk (linked to Mars, Lucifer and other mythological name variations) – who is the controller of 3D Earth and who has been trying to destroy the divine feminine for thousands of years. This is also why the Goddess split into many aspects and had to go into the depths of the underworld to retrieve the dark sister that was being imprisoned beneath – who I in this lifetime would confront as I walk the Venus path like all these other names.

As my own research showed me this and my deep awareness of the dynamic was all too clear, my friend Ki’ Lia did research too. But because a book I had written of about 200+ pages disappeared and had been deleted through a rare occurrence that was out of my hands, I will refer to what her research found – since mine is no longer accessible… and this is stated very clearly.

“Marduk is described in cuneiform tablets from ancient Mesopotamia, by famous esoteric historian Zecharia Sitchin, as the son of Ea/Enki, grandson heir of Anu, and the ruler of the Annunaki or alien astronauts (linked to the Illuminati). He is associated with the hypothesized rogue planet Nibiru (10th Planet or Planet X) or Maldek that was once between Mars and Jupiter. In a mythological battle and astronomical collision with planet Tiamat (or incarnation of Gaia/Sophia), the asteroid belt, Moon and Earth were formed.”

It took all my strength to break free and stand up against this Mars recruitment. They said to him, "recruit her and set her up with a handler or leave her," because his life would be threatened if he left their group and stayed with me. Eventually we split, knowing our connection was a danger, and he knew he was being really messed with too.

After I broke free of Agent X, it was confirmed by a source that Ki’ Lia read that the negative timeline had been destroyed, and even renowned researcher/intuitive David Wilcock made that announcement.

Where Do We Go From Here?
We must gather, unite our spirits, dig deeper into our beings to discover the treasures that exist within. WE must empower the fact that we are not separate. We need to open our eyes to the false matrix and the deceits that still linger – and then remove our energy from it and call our power back.  
I will be doing events and making myself available, and together we will raise the vibration of the planet through living in the vision and the solution, no longer immersed in the struggles, fears or problems. It is important that we rise as leaders and create action through making changes to lifestyle, self and the way we treat one another.  
WE must embrace growth and challenge, and dilligently work at creating harmony and equilibrium with all opposing forces. Duality must end, it is time for union. How our roles interact is a dance, not a competition – we must flow and respect diversity and all life forms on planet Earth. 
There is still much to uncover and piece together. All I ask is that the secret Mars colony and related issues be further investigated. It is important to educate oneself on these negative agendas and technologies though because Awareness is empowerment. There are ways to reduce their effect on our lives, move into nature's will and break free forever from the lies of the false matrix.
I represent a unified field of awareness and my Being affects all. So when I speak, I am speaking on behalf of our divine blueprint and true nature as One…

* * *

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