Cosmic Gaia 

restoring the balance between humanity and nature 


works in progress –
book summaries, articles, theories, philosophies, speaking topics, and advocacy work

2012 and the Ancient GameVenus–Sophia and Recruitment to Mars

Whistleblower testimony and personal journey

Social Change & Advocacy

Eco–Culture: Earth restoration, community development and green technology to combat climate crisis
Eisenhower Family Visionary:
Enlightened politics, conflict resolution and peacekeeping

Universal Mother

Spiritual Oneness: Empowering spiritual diversity and freedom, and connecting the heart of all religions
Gaia and Immune Systems: 
Healing the roots of epidemics, bioterrorism and war
Goddess Stargate:
Deactivating harmful technologies, exposing hidden agendas, stopping New World Order, and creating the pathway to heaven


The Grail of VenusCompleting Magdalene's Legacy and the Story of the Goddess Sophia
Global Transformation
Renewing creativity and the World Soul with cycles of nature


Strategies for renewing the earth