Laura Lane

My life with Lyndon

Love is patient and kind....Love is always hopeful  and forgives all. Love never fails. Love will last forever.

July 24, 2005:

I met Lyndon today at Stern Grove's summer music festival. We had attended to hang with friends and enjoy the all-Motown program. Little did we know that Destiny had its

own agenda. Perhaps it was set, as the Bible says, "before the creation of the world". I'm just thankful that I didn't decide to sleep in on that fateful Sunday. 

The next day, Lyndon sent an email to me: "Pleasure meeting you yesterday at Tammy's Stern Grove gathering.  Thanks for the tips on caring for my lower back. If you're ever in need of a running or dining partner, please let me know - I enjoy both equally, especially back-to-back."

After some back-and-forth e-banter, we decided to dine at Aziza, which has held a place on the SF Chronicle's Top 100 for years.


October 9 (give or take a few days), 2006: Lyndon pops the question in the Grand Canyon, Plateau Point, to be exact. It's a little area that juts out like a small Peninsula with the Colorado River just below. So romantic!


Thanksgiving Day 2006: Lyndon gives Laura a big sparklin' rock on a beautiful sparklin' day in the Bay, Kirby Cove in Marin, to be exact. That night, they announce the good news to Lyndon's side of the family. The next day, Laura's family receives the announcement: Yep, we're gettin' hitched. The response? Finally!!!!


 December 2005: During the next month, Laura and Lyndon bask in the glow of the engagement. This includes the Lane family's visit to the Wong family's home.

January 2006: Laura and Lyndon awake to realize that now they have to plan a wedding. Oh yeah! What a concept! So, they set out to find a venue and secure a date.  After visiting several possibilities, they decide on The Mountain Terrace  in Woodside, CA. The date? May 19, 2006.

February to May: The first challenge is grappling with the guest list. Where do you draw the line? Laura and Lyndon are determined to keep their wedding as intimate as possible. They agree to allow the parents host a Chinese banquet on May 26, 2007 for which many more people can make the guest list.


 May 19, 2007: The Big Day. The whole enchilada. Laura and Lyndon tie the knot amidst family and friends. The weather  -- and everything else -- couldn't have been more pefect.  Lyndon's vows were so touching, while Laura's were clearly written as she sat in the dressing room.