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Hello and Welcome

I study ancient and modern political theory and am Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in DC. 

My research is animated by a concern for political culture. 
How can individuals influence and transform cultural values and norms? How do dynamic modern political conditions influence the psychological well-being of individuals? In what ways does modern science and intellectualism contribute to, and sometimes threaten, human flourishing? These are the questions that led me to the study of Rousseau and Nietzsche. I am currently working on a book about rhetoric of character (or, in Aristotelian terms, ethos) in the Confessions and Ecce Homo. 

Research Interests

Rhetoric and Political Change, Philosophic Autobiography, Modern Science and Intellectualism, Environmental Theory. 


"The Philosopher Doth Protest Too Much: Rousseauian Enlightenment and the Rhetoric of Despair." The Review of Politics, Vol. 75, Issue 3, Spring 2013. 

“Xenophon’s Cyropaedia: Educating our Political Hopes.” The Journal of Politics, Vol. 74, Issue 3, July 2012.  


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