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Hello and Welcome

I am a political theorist in the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. I specialize in ancient and modern political thought, and am particularly interested in questions of rhetoric and political culture. I spend much of my time thinking about how individuals can influence and transform cultural values and norms, and about how varying political conditions in turn influence human thinking and flourishing. I am currently working on a book about the culture-shaping rhetorical tactics of Rousseau and Nietzsche, with an emphasis on their respective autobiographical works. In am also working on a paper-length treatment of what the history of political thought has to teach us about anonymity and accountability in contemporary life.

My research has been published in the Journal of Politics and The Review of Politics, and has been funded by the Social Science and Research Council of Canada. This year at AU, I will be teaching courses on classical political thought, ethics, environmental ethics, and the history of the social sciences. 

Research Interests

Rhetoric and Political Change, Character and Politics, Anonymity in Political Life, Philosophic Autobiography, Modern Science and Intellectualism, Environmental Theory. 


"The Philosopher Doth Protest Too Much: Rousseauian Enlightenment and the Rhetoric of Despair." The Review of Politics, Vol. 75, Issue 3, Spring 2013. 

“Xenophon’s Cyropaedia: Educating our Political Hopes.” The Journal of Politics, Vol. 74, Issue 3, July 2012.  


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