About me

I am an Early Career Fellow at Lichtenberg-Kolleg'sEarly Career Fellowship 2015-2017 at the Göttingen Institute for Advanced Studies.
I am also member of the Primate Cognition Research Group at the Leibniz-Science Campus in Göttingen.

I am a philosopher of cognitive science, specialized  in primate and cultural cognition, with some interests in philosophy of biology. My main objective is understanding relationship between evolution of culture and Social Learning in human and nonhuman primates. Currently I am working on a bunch of different projects with different people (I hate working alone), particularly on: Theoretical Primatology and the role of Theory in Empirical Science; the epistemic role of Primatology in science; the multi-domains architecture of (cultural) cognition; and the project that I care about the most, the analysis of culture in human and nonhuman primates and the role of imitative learning in it. My 'collateral' projects are on communication in nonhuman primates, history of Primatology and the structure of language and cognition. About personal stuff, I am interested in fitness, diet and how shape a perfect body keep drinking and enjoying life. I am also a single mom of a splendid young girl that lives with me in Germany.