Laura Ashley Cakes

Livingston, TN 38570

     Hello, my name is Ashley.  I am in the process of taking cake decoration courses from Wilton.  I recently started the 3rd course.  I am able to do great birthday cakes and I am advance to wedding cakes now that I have started the 3rd course.  I have always wanted to learn about cake decorating and my husband has greatly encouraged me to do it.  I have also been encouraged by the friends and family that have seen and tasted my cakes and now have a growing number of requests for cakes from them. 


I invite you to look through the different pages of  cakes I have decorated.  If you have a need for a cake for a special occasion or just for fun, I would enjoy making one for you.  Thank you for looking and I hope to help you in the future.    

          I also have different mold's for making mints for different event's.  So send me a e-mail,   regardless of the occasion,  and I'm sure I can make something to suit you needs.