We rent a 1 bedroom, 975 square foot townhome just north of metro Atlanta. It is so convenient to everything we need, and actually buying a house in the same area would be a big chunk of change so we are happy for now! We are planning on moving in about 2 to 3 years into a house with a big backyard so we can get a couple of puppies (specifically a Beagle and a Boxer).

Living Room

The off-white paint and utility closet really gives you a cozy home-like feeling, doesn't it? (sarcasm...)

TV and PS3 on our entertainment stand. Baskets hold DVDs, games, and remotes. At least you can see our crown molding being reflected in the mirror over the mantle!

Master Bedroom

New paint and bedding! The paint color is "Rhino" from Behr and the bedding is from HomeGoods. New furniture is next on the list for this room.

Well, at least we have a nice view...

*more pictures coming soon*

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