Video Tutorials and Links

Algebra/Algebra 2/Precalculus
Domain from a graph worksheet
Completing the Square: slow walk-through
Log Basics Worksheet with Video Solutions
Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence Formulas (livescribe formula sheet)



Essence of Calculus playlist by youtuber 3Blue1Brown -- I highly recommend for any student going into calculus or taking calculus; beautiful visualizations
Derivatives of Trig Functions (livescribe printable of the basic trig derivatives and how to memorize them)
Hydrostatic Force Formula Reasoning (livescribe formula sheet)

Probability, Counting, Permutations, Combinations
Circle problems - by Art of Problem Solving
Handshake/high five problem -- by Art of Problem Solving
Combinations Introduction -- why the formula makes sense; overcounting repeats when order doesn't matter; by Art of Problem Solving


These are the texts and websitesI highly recommend for SAT practice:
The Official SAT Study Guide  -- A must have.  These questions are most similar to those on the actual test.  Other books can miss the mark by far, so be careful!
College Board -- More official practice.  Free!
Khan Academy -- start a mission!  keeps feeding you problems with instant feedback; gives you new ones based on how you're doing; suggests videos when you get stuck
The 32 Most Effective Math Strategies -- Easy to read with great tips.  You can visit his webpage for free tips or watch his YouTube videos.   Here's a link to one in which he solves a section in eight minutes.  :)
Dr. John Chung's SAT Math -- Great for more practice tests!

Misc. Awesomeness
Abacus -- amazing kids doing crazy long calculations in seconds using abacus
Proofs Without Words -- from Art of Problem Solving
Math Coloring Book

Summer Readiness Packets

Sheppard Software -- really fun!
Math Magician -- quizzes basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Free Video Tutorials
  • Khan Academy 
  • Patrick JMT
  • Udacity  -- Free online courses!  I highly recommend their "descriptive statistics" course.  Very clear explanations!!
  • That Tutor Guy -- good clear explanations; many of his videos can be found on YouTube for free or you can pay a small amount for a more comprehensive course
  • Art of Problem Solving great videos for pre-algebra, algebra, counting & probability, math counts, and more!
  • Math by Fives
  • IntegralCalc -- really well-done and entertaining calculus and pre-calculus tutorials
  • sorry for the language, but the videos are good!
  • MIT OpenCourseWare free lectures and full courses, complete with notes, written homework problems with solutions...all free!  Pretty cool!
  • APStatsGuy  good quick video tutorials for Statistics and AP Statistics

Common Core Middle School Math Placement

ACT Resources

Practice Problems

CSET Materials
College Matriculation Practice Problems

Miscellaneous Awesomeness 
  • Embedded Math -- Unit Circle printables
  • Dr. Math -- professors of math answer commonly asked questions in layman's terms
  • Wolfram Alpha -- type in a problem, it solves it!  type in an equation, it graphs it!
  • Rate my Professor -- good teachers are what it's all about; find out what students are saying about the professors at your school
  • Geometry Constructions -- great step by step demonstrations of geometric constructions
  • Hotmath -- worked-out solutions guide for most school textbooks
  • Cramster -- yet another great worked-out solutions guide for most school textbooks
  • Online Graphing Calculator

Extra Credit - Elementary
  • BrainPop -- watch a video, then do a quiz or assessment and print the results
  • Borrow and read Math Curse -- solve three of the problems posed (challenge yourself!), or research one of the mathematicians mentioned, or write a paragraph on your favorite parts of the book and what you learned

Extra Credit - Middle School and Highschool
  • Math Counts -- try the problem of the week
  • MathCounts Handbook-- challenging!, try just choosing five from a page to start
  • Graph and print a picture on Desmos!
  • Watch one of the following YouTube videos then write a paragraph on how you liked it and what you learned

  Videos/ Playlists Practice Problems
 Word Problems: Distance Work Mixture Challenging 
 Inequalities Wording Guide  
 Graphing Real World Situation Challenge  
 Domain and Range  
 Volumes Cones and Cylinders with Solving  
 Quadrilateral Classification Challenge  
 Law of Sines and Cosines Word Problems  
 Trig Identities Simplifying Expressions  
 Disks and Washers  
 Slope Field Matching Worksheet  
 Polar Graphs Summary  
 Series Convergence Tests Flow Chart  
 Z and T Tables One Page!  
 Rounding Rules  
 Twelve Days of Statistics: Binomial and Geometric Distributions and Answer Key  
 2 Sample Hypothesis Testing Guide  
 Readiness/Placement/Summer Packets   
 Algebra Readiness Test and Answer Key  
 Calculus Readiness Packet  
 Capo Math 7 Accelerated Placement Extra Practice  
 Capistrano District Finals/End of Year Extra Practice  
 7th Grade  
 8th Grade  
 8th Grade Open Ended  
 Algebra DJAMS and Answer Key