Free Video Tutorials
  • Khan Academy 
  • Patrick JMT
  • Udacity  -- Free online courses!  I highly recommend their "descriptive statistics" course.  Very clear explanations!!
  • That Tutor Guy -- good clear explanations; many of his videos can be found on YouTube for free or you can pay a small amount for a more comprehensive course
  • Art of Problem Solving great videos for pre-algebra, algebra, counting & probability, math counts, and more!
  • Math by Fives
  • IntegralCalc -- really well-done and entertaining calculus and pre-calculus tutorials
  • sorry for the language, but the videos are good!
  • MIT OpenCourseWare free lectures and full courses, complete with notes, written homework problems with solutions...all free!  Pretty cool!
  • APStatsGuy  good quick video tutorials for Statistics and AP Statistics

Common Core Middle School Math Placement

ACT Resources

Practice Problems

CSET Materials
College Matriculation Practice Problems

Miscellaneous Awesomeness 
  • Embedded Math -- Unit Circle printables
  • Dr. Math -- professors of math answer commonly asked questions in layman's terms
  • Wolfram Alpha -- type in a problem, it solves it!  type in an equation, it graphs it!
  • Rate my Professor -- good teachers are what it's all about; find out what students are saying about the professors at your school
  • Geometry Constructions -- great step by step demonstrations of geometric constructions
  • Hotmath -- worked-out solutions guide for most school textbooks
  • Cramster -- yet another great worked-out solutions guide for most school textbooks
  • Online Graphing Calculator

Extra Credit - Elementary
  • BrainPop -- watch a video, then do a quiz or assessment and print the results
  • Borrow and read Math Curse -- solve three of the problems posed (challenge yourself!), or research one of the mathematicians mentioned, or write a paragraph on your favorite parts of the book and what you learned

Extra Credit - Middle School and Highschool
  • Math Counts -- try the problem of the week
  • MathCounts Handbook-- challenging!, try just choosing five from a page to start
  • Graph and print a picture on Desmos!
  • Watch one of the following YouTube videos then write a paragraph on how you liked it and what you learned
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Jul 13, 2015, 8:21 PM