CSET Study Guides

CSET Online Classes 
I recently started teaching online classes through the Orange County Department of Education.  They cover the same material as my study guides (see below), but provide a collaborative learning environment with peer discussion boards and teacher feedback.  
For the most recent dates, please visit the OCDE website.  

CSET Study Guides
I passed all three subtests back in 2003, and since then have created my own packet of materials to help others do the same.   I'm excited to have created video solutions to my packets.  Before I had these, it would take at least six hours to go through each packet with every student individually.  Now with the videos, you can go through exactly what I'd be saying to you in person at your own pace and can re-watch as needed.  

The problems are very closely modeled after actual former test questions.  While the test has been revised as of December 29, 2014, the scope and difficulty level of the test has remained largely unchanged.  In fact, from what I'm hearing, many of the old questions are still in circulation!  These questions will give you an excellent idea of the types of questions that will be asked of you.   This packet is sufficient to pass exam; its questions are targeted and it provides supplementary links to help fill in the foundation needed to do them.  I highly recommend exhausting this packet and knowing it backward and forward before considering other resources.

The Study Guides are all online.  You may pay via either
1) Paypal: just use the Paypal buttons/links below.  Within 24 hours I'll email access to the online documents.  :)
 2) Cash or check to 
     Laura Rickhoff
     9 Saint Moritz St.
     Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.  
    Be sure to include your email.  As soon as I receive your payment, I'll send an email with access to the online documents.

Single Subject Subtest I Packet (Algebra and Number Theory): $50  
91+ practice multiple choice problems 
43 practice constructed response problems
all with video and written solutions
Here's a link to the first part of the packet so you can see what you will be getting : 
Click the "Buy Now" button to the right to pay via Paypal.  As soon as you pay, you'll be directed to the online document.  :)

Single Subject Subtest II Packet (Geometry and Statistics): $50
60+ practice multiple choice problems
31+ practice constructed response problems
all with video and written solutions
Here's a link to the first part of the packet so you can see what you will be getting: 

Single Subject Subtest III Packet (Calculus): $75
The Calc Packet is finally here!!!
After ten years I can finally scratch it off my to-do list.  And hopefully I can help you scratch Subtest III off yours!  :)

What it is:
A refresher course in Trig and Calculus using Kutasoftware Worksheets as the backbone.
Full written solutions and video solutions are provided for all the worksheets in the Kutasoftware curriculum.
Full video solutions to the official practice exam.
Video solutions to several AP multiple-choice exams.
Extra goodies (supplemental videos, necessary proofs required for the CSET, Desmos activities, etc.).
All topics listed in the official CSET topic guidelines are covered.

What it is not:
For those of you who have used my packets for subtests 1 and 2, know that this is a bit different.  I found many people needing to take this test had never taken calculus so I felt a full course was necessary.  Fear not, it is still definitely sufficient to pass the test!  

Full disclosure, the work is still very amateurish; some of the videos have sound issues and the written solutions could definitely be neater.  However all the info is there and I believe the point does still get across.

Please view this video as a preview of what you'll be getting.  :)

To purchase the CSET III Subtest, use this link: paypal.me/laura4math.  The cost is $75.  Please indicate "CSET Calculus" and the email you'd like the guide sent to in the notes section.  Thank you!

Multi-subject Subtest II Math portion (Elementary Math): currently free!
review skills practice packets
8 practice constructed response questions
written and video solutions to the official practice exam

Extra Resources for Single-Subject
*Definitely review the official CSET website for exam information and the official practice tests.
*UCI offers free online coursesfor each subtest.
*For subtest III, Calculus for Dummies and the workbook that goes with it are well-written and a good refresher, but you'll want an actual textbook to work CSET-level problems.  Any pre-calc text (for the trig) and calculus text will do.  I'm familiar with the Stewart texts, but if you find one you like better, go for it.  
*Online video tutorials like Khan Academy and Patrick JMT are also good resources.
*The Art of Problem Solving website also has excellent videos.  They'll be great for your future students as well!

Extra Resources for Multi-Subject
*You can find great video tutorials at The Art of Problem Solving.  
*For more practice problems, the California STAR test released questions are great since they come straight from the California standards.   The multi-subject CSET covers grades K-7 with just a smidge of Algebra.