LOL: the art and science of laughter

Laughter_lab is live event which combines the art and science of laughter. We were at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition this year, where we ran live stand-up comedy and investigated the ways that the audience's breathing changed as they laughed. We also ran a competition to find the most contagious laugh: listen to some of our different laughs here.

Take part in an online laughter experiment here.

See pictures from the Summer Science Exhibition here.

Young Times and the Guardian both ran pieces by Sophie Scott about the Summer Science Exhibition.

The excellent comedy for the Summer Science Exhibition was provided by Comedy Club for Kids.

There are links to some You Tube mini-lectures on the science of laughter here.

This is a short (3mins)  film about what happens when we laugh: Anatomy of a laugh.

We asked people on Twitter to suggest examples of people laughing while trying to sing: see the examples and links on Storify 

Who are laughter_lab? Mostly people from the UCL ICN's Speech Communication Group, wearing hats.