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Typical Laughter Call 




Mental & Hearty Laughter

People generally need a reason to laugh (a joke, a comedy).    It´s a Mental Laughter which is characterized by being short, superficial and with not much vibration. It´s a passive Laughter that always depends on something or someone that make us laugh. Laughter depends on a reason:

I laugh because I´m happy

Whereas Hearty Laughter has no reason d´être. It´s a free, vibrating and deep Laughter and we are protagonists of our own Laughter. Happiness comes from Laughter itself so that Laughter is cause and effect at the same time:

I´m happy because I laugh


A typical Laughter Call lasts about 15 or 20 minutes and callers express natural sounds like mmm, oohhh, yeaahh, yum yum... and so they free their mind and enjoy laughing in pairs and in groups. 

Press key 0 to change Laughter groups:

Dany: hellooo!                                                                 Anne: mmm... helloo                                                     Dany: (sigh) aaaah                                                         Anne: (deep breath) aaaaah                                            Dany: (tasting Laughter) mMmm...haahahaahaaa          Anne: mmm   

They share natural sounds and Laughter flows like a fountain:

Dany: yum, yum hi hihii hii hiii                                      Anne: hahahaha... yum, yum... hahahhahaa haaa 

And María enter Laughterland and they all make  a Laugther Trio:

María: hi!                                                                      Anne: yeeaahh hi! (deep breath) aaahh                         Dany: hellooo ho hoh hohoo (grumble) grrr grrr hahahhaa  María: mmm?? hahahha ahahaaa                                     Anne: ooohh... hihi hiiihi (cough) haaahhahhaaa

And more fun with a quartet!

Tom: hey what´s that?                                                      Anne: hahahh ahahaaa                                                    Dany: hohoh ho ho hooo...ayy.... hellooo haahahaaaa  María: heheheh hehheehe yesss hiii hehe hhehe heee     Anne: hahaha hahaa hahaaa (sigh) aaahh                 Tom:  (???) hahahah ahhaaa  hahaaa (cough) hahah ha aa

Anne press key 0 and enter a new Laugther group:

Anne:  ahahaa?   Mmmwahh!                                            Andy:  aaahh... ha ahahaaa... muuaaahhh!                       Linda: Yum yum  hehehheee (breathing) hahaaa haaa haa  Julien: heeeyy! hahahhaaaa (cough) ha ahhahaa haaa        Anne:  yeeeaahh... hahaha hahaa (sigh) aaaahh  hahahaaa   Andy:  Mmm  hoo hoho hoooo (silence and breathing)


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Laugh in pairs and in groups with Laughter lovers like yourself.

At any time you can change groups to refresh with new Laughter waves.

Share your Laughter with the World!

Máximum: 20 min.

English, Spanish

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