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 The Heart of Laughter



Practice this exercises in the morning and feel yourself fresh throughout the day.


The reason for the sense of well-being is that you inhale more oxygen while laughing. Two thirds of the lung capacity comes from abdominal breathing, which means that if you don’t use your abdomen to breathe, approximately 2/3 of the air in your lungs is stale.


Laughing repeatedly fully flushes the lungs to the full extent of their capacity, therefore bringing substantially more oxygen into the blood stream. It stands to reason therefore that as oxygen is the life line of the human body. The more you have, the better you feel.



Hearty Laughter Exercise 1 – Spin Me Round!



hi hi hi hi hi 


This is a simple exercise to do, but make sure you don´t fall over!

It simply involves spinning round in a clockwise direction with your arms up and laugh HI HI HI from the deepest heart. Kids sometimes imagine they are birds flying and do this exercise naturally.




Hearty Laughter Exercise 2 – Leg Lift


he he he he he


To do this exercise lie flat on your back, with your palms face down on the ground. Then lift up your head until your chin touches your chest and lift your legs up in the air. Lower your legs while laughing HE HE HE feeling the vibration between your ribs and your navel.



Hearty Laughter Exercise 3 – Back Bender



ho ho ho ho ho


Don´t worry, it´s not as painful as it sounds! To start kneel on the floor with your feet behind you, then arch your back and neck so you can see the ceiling or wall behind you and now laugh gently HO HO HO feeling the vibration in your tummy.   Now straighten your back and repeat.




Hearty Laughter Exercise 4 – Table Top


 ha ha ha ha ha


 You may find this one a bit tricky. The idea here is to get a straight back, like is shown in the picture. The easiest way to do it, is to start sitting down with your hands to your side and your feet in front of you. Then in one movement, tilt your head back and lift your back up trying to keep it straight and laughing with HA HA HA. Now lower yourself to the sitting position and repeat.




Hearty Laughter Exercise 5 – Full Body Stretch



 hu hu hu hu hu

To do this exercise, first lay your stomach flat on the ground with your palms down. Now push up with your arms raising your head towards the ceiling and arching your back laughing gently HU HU HU feeling the vibration in your lungs as shown in the picture.


Hold this position for up to 30 seconds, then reverse the move so you end up like the picture below. The idea is to go from one position to the other smoothly. Once you get the hang of it, it´s very easy.



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