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Laughter Lovers have this to say in any place of the World:


“the best blush to use is laughter: it put roses in your cheeks and in your soul”


“I feel totally charged up"


"I got to bring my pc to bedroom to laugh"


“I´m a changed person. I can feel my tensions crumbling”


“a fantastic experience! –I wish I can come again and again”


“a breath of fresh air”




“…radiates positive energy from every pore…”


“great way of releasing stress”


“a simple way to get such a powerful message…”


“gentle, happy and animated –full of good humor”


“this is real life. –I didn´t know such positive people still existed. I´m impressed”


“thank you for a wonderful evening. It´s going to stay with me for quite a while”


“laughing like that made me feel ‘up’ all day”


“haven´t laughed so much for ages”


“felt great and would highly recommend it”


“it is a source of spiritual fulfilment”


“I decided to laugh. It´s amazing! My whole life has changed: the shoulder pain is gone, the fatigue is gone, I´m much calmer- and happy- and other people tell me they see a wonderful change in me! And I feel younger!”


“it was absolutely irresistible cathartic and beautiful”


“laughter has infiltrated my life”


“significant inner shift. Connecting with the universal energy of laughter and the freedom experienced with this has freed me up to be more settled and content and less restricted mentally, physically and emotionally”


“thank you! It is almost miraculous how such a simple technique can have such an impact! This technique of laughing for no reason brings back positivity in people´s life, starting with my own; we sleep better, feel better, live with a smile and laugh more in life in general”



“being able to laugh at self and with others. Remembering how valuable laughter can be in life”


“I am amazed at the profound impact of such a simple technique”


“since I laugh for no reason I opened my heart and let people in.

 I feel more comfortable and can love people and accept them as they are”


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