Risatel is a journey to the magic of now.

Feeling again the emotions and fantasy of our inner world. It´s possible to take a walk back into your childhood. Extraordinary sensations that make us feel that life is beautiful.

Every moment is unique and give us its magic and fun as a present.

It´s only necessary to travel with your imagination and enjoy the present of now with Laughter friends like yourself.

Risatel is a open space to rediscover the power of Laughter. Free your mind from fears and worries and let yourself flow in the feelings of peace and love.

Risatel is a sign in your way towards Happiness that shows the forgotten path which leads to the lost paradise of your soul; Hearty Laughter.


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Laugh in pairs and in groups with Laughter lovers like yourself.

At any time you can change groups to refresh with new Laughter waves.

Share your Laughter with the World!

Máximum: 20 min.

English, Spanish

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