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Reasons to laugh


  I laugh because of Sun...


The best part of laughter is you really don´t need any "reason" to laugh...just start. But if you are feeling a bit nervous about laughing here's a list of excellent reasons to do just that: laugh. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Read through the reasons carefully, keep them in mind and remember the benefits you get - both physiological, psychological and spiritual - by indulging your lighter side and laughing whenever, wherever and with whom ever you happen to be. Laughter is portable, immediate therapy...think of it also as a way of "charging up" the battery of your soul.

Remember...if you need to keep this list of reasons handy just print out the page, trim it down to size and you'll always have the list available. Make copies, pass it around, frame it and hang it up, turn it into a paper plane and send it to friends.....

 Strengthen your immune system.

Make your cheeks sore.

Enhance your cardiovascular flexibility.

Increase your spirit quotient.

Think more clearly.

Put a devilish twinkle in your eye.

Increase your intellectual performance and information retention.

Forget what you were laughing about.

Replenish your creative juices.

Destroy your conservative reputation.

"Pop" yourself out of emotional ruts.

Dampen your undergarment.

Release and transform your emotional pain.

Develop abdominal muscles of steel.

Redbalance the chemistry of your stress and tension.

Create perspective and remind yourself of the bigger picture.

Wonder why you wasted all those years being serious.

Experience a deep connection with other human beings.

Confuse and confound family and friends.

Draw yourself into experiencing the present.

Help yourself live and die, laughing.

Join a growing group of giggling gurus.


Just needing no reason to laugh!


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