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laughing on the phone 

Risatel Laughter Hotline believes that everyone deserves a little piece of happiness and  callers will "live fun and  happiness" with just a click  on the call button. 

STRESS is the number one killer today. Laughter is the best stress reliever. More than 70% of illnesses like high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, frequent coughs and colds, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, menstrual difficulties, tension headaches, stomach upsets and even cancer, have some connection to stress*.

Also,Laughter Hotline is a way of simply have fun!

Laughter is a universal language. Everyone understands a laugh. It is universal because it knows no international boundaries. From the burning desert of the Sahara to the frigid wastes of Siberia, people all over the world experience and enjoy Laughter.

Callers communicate themselves through Laughter.

It´s a funny and easy way to relieve stress, stimulate healing, exercise certain parts of the body, and enhance human bonding.

Laughter is an effective antidote for depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders: laughter boosts the production of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant.

In Laughter Hotline, you will always find somebody to share your love and gratitude to life and never feel sad or alone anymore.

People suffering from depression are more prone to many illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attacks and cancer. Depression also affects the immune system adversely. Common causes of depression are social isolation and a diminishing family value system.

Laughter is helping many people to get rid of their antidepressant pills in a short period of time and it brings a happy glow to your face!


*A word of caution.

 Laughter brings in positive emotions that can enhance  - not replace - conventional treatments.


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