Laughter trip

As it happens with a car, if you don´t start your Laughter, it´s impossible to begin your laughing experience.

Start it over and over again until you make it.

And always remember that your will to laugh is the fuel that releases its energy to enjoy your funny trip. A calm and silent atmosphere is the way where you discover and share the freshness and freedom of Laughter with other Laughter travellers. And finally breathing is the brake and your protection against any trouble or discomfort you might suffer because of high speed or overheating.


Laughter gears

1st Laughter gear

There´s a gentle cough and a brief, expressive sigh together with a smile that announces the first few guffaws.

2nd Laughter gear

Laughter is gaining space. It is still looking for its rhythm and its amplitude. This Laughter activates breathing and wakes up the abdominal muscles. It´s a sober, irregular Laughter and still lets you to be standing when you feel it. Social Laughter moves between 1st and 2nd Laughter gears.

3rd Laughter gear

Laughter is getting more coloring and specially more contagious. This is a purifying Laughter and guarantees the fine tuning of the heart, the lungs and the abdominal muscles to enjoy with deeper and more powerful Laughter.

4th and 5th Laughter gear

Laughter literally knocks you down to the ground. Laughter goes deeper down in your heart and shakes all the body. You naturally laugh  with your  eyes closed.  At this level, Laughter requires a comfortable and peaceful place to maintain and spread all its power inside you. 

Laughter runs up  and could be unstoppable... unless somebody say some words to you or even just touch you.

Supersonic Laughter

Laughter deepens in the temple of your heart. Laughter becomes silent, nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. Laughter paints your face with warrm colors of plenitude and happiness. Your mind is in blank and your eyes are closed. You are in a world of emotions, waves, colors, vibrations and enjoy flowing in the river of Laughter.

This is a free Laughter that doesn´t depend on anything else but you to feel and enjoy it.




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