Laughter Talk

Laughter Hotline callers practice Hearty Laughter in pairs and in groups. They normally laugh with their eyes closed and have real talks through Laughter. Some of those are Laughter communicators and other ones are Laughter receivers. Laughter is contagious and spreads easily.

Laughter Talks last about 15-20 minutes. It´s great fun listening to these laughing conversations. When one of them is asking to stop this situation of laughing so much, the other one laughs even more. This Laughter Talk is fired with the most varied sounds. Words aren´t required.             

When one of those finally begin to feel tired or sleepy and the other one keep on sending guffaws to hearten the talk, always appears a third one who joins Laughter Talk, and this last one, together with the one who was laughing, finally start a dialogue, sticking to this practice because they know that it´s nearly over and don´t want to stop laughing.

Then, the group changes and begin to make groups of  3 and 4 people to strengthen Laughter and enjoy this funny talks as much as possible.

They combine Laughter with slow, deep breathing as a rest and energy recharge to enjoy laughing again. After calling Laughter Hotline, the expression of their faces are really beautiful and expressive.









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