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Laughter Spells 


 These Laughter Spells     

  are a real magnet to attact peace, love and joy of living.

 You are just what you think, what you feel and express in your life.


Hope attracts hope...

Patience attracts patience...

Sadness attracts sadness...

Smiles attracts smiles...

Doubt attracts doubt....

Laughter attracts Laughter and love...

in every way... atracts LOVE!


Here you have some Laughter Spells to attract Joy, bravery and enthusiasm in your life.

 Open your arms to the air, breathe slow and peacefully and say this words as a expression of love to life, and then laugh and be happy!  :) :) :)



 "ha ba ca da"



"ha ba caa, da ha haa, ca ba da, da daa, ha haaa" 

"da ba da ba ha ca baa, ha da haaa, ha da haaa"

"ha ha ca ba, ca ba daa, ha ha da ba ha ha baaa"


Laughter Spells with HA give us bravery, action and enthusiasm.

Good for the hips and tummy.



" he fe ge he"



"he fe gee, he he fee, ge fe he he heee"

"he he fee, ge ge hee, fe fe he he fe he heee"

"fe fe hee, ge gee, he fe fee, he fe feee"


Laughter Spells with HE give us acceptance and self-confidence.

It acts in the liver and reduce anger and fury. Good for digestive problems.



"hi ji ki li mi ni"



"ji ki lii, ki li mii, ni mi hi, ni mi hi hiii"

"hi mi nii, ni ni lii, ki hi li hi hiii" 

ki, hi hii, mi ni kii, li ki li ki li mi miii"


 Laughter Spells with HI give us joy, enthusiasm and creativity.

Good for nervous system. Laugh with HI is the best for the heart.



"ho po qo ro so to"



"ho po poo, qo ho hoo, to po ho, to ho, to hooo"

"so ho hoo, qo po qoo, so po ho, ho, hooo"

"ro ho hoo, ho qo hoo, so to ho, po ho, po hooo" 


 Laughter Spells with HO overcomes the fear of acting. Good for oxygenating the head,-the brain flow-, and it is good for heavy digestions because Laughter produces vibrations in all the digestive system.



"hu vu xu yu zu"



"yu xu zuu, hu zu zuu, vu xu yu, zu zu, zu zuuu"

"yu yuu, vu hu huu, hu vu yuu, zu zu, hu huuu"

zu hu hu, xu xu yuu, hu vu juu, ju zu, zu juuu"


Laughter Spells with HU breaks down memories and blocks from the past. Every Laughter is good for the breathing system because it activates the lungs, but vowel U is the best for it.



*A word of caution.

 Laughter brings in positive emotions that can enhance  - not replace - conventional treatments.


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