Laughter Language




Phonetic pronunciation:

ha = [say, waiter]

                                                                        haa = bat, apple

                                                                        he = [set, less]

 hee =  [see, been]

                                                                        hi = [lie, fry]

                                                                        ho = [ago, note]

                                                                        hu = [you, pure]


Basic expressions

ha hi   hello!

ho hu   how are you?

hi hi   I´m fine

hi hee   Not very good / I feel ill

he haa   Let´s laugh!

ho ha   yes /ok

ho ho   no

ha hee   Maybe

haa hu  Thank you

hi hu   I like laughing with you

ho hee  I want to breathe

ha hu   I´ll change groups

he ho  Let´s go to Laughter Chat

haa ho  I must go

hu hi  Goodbye!


Laughterland is inside you

This Basic Laughter Language help us to hold an emotional communication. Laughter is pure emotion and words might disconnect us from the exciting world of Laughter. You will learn these expressions easily by practice. When you free your real Laughter with a person and exchanges sighs, breathing, guffaws and beautiful silences,  you realize at that very moment that we are all a Laughter family and Laughterland is really deep in your heart.

This Laughter Language is a funny alternative to mental communication. Of course, words are beautiful and necessary and, provided that you talk briefly, it´s another way to express our gratitude and joy of laughing together. 



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